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Aham Brahmasmi Movie: Release date, Budget, Posters, Trailer, Songs

    The movie Aham Brahmasmi is a Telugu movie starring Manoj Manchu as an important and prominent role. Srikanth N Reddy is the director of movie Aham Brahmasmi. There are combined producers for this film, Manoj K Manchu and Nirmala Devi Manchu. It is being released under the MM Arts banner.

    The movie is preparing to release in all the four languages of South film industry that is Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Adding on, it is releasing in Hindi as well. The lead actor is Manoj K Manchu and actress is Priya Bhavani Shankar. The genre of the movie is thriller.

    Aham Brahmasmi Movie

    The story revolves around three moods of the hero (Manchu Manoj)-

    • The first mood justifies Haasyam i.e. Humor
    • While the second one shows Roudram i.e. Fury
    • The last one is Shantam i.e. peace.

    Aham Brahmasmi movie Cast

    • Priya Bhavani Shankar
    • Samuthirakani

    As of now , only three characters have been revealed.

    The characterization of the hero is to be seen in a powerful avatar wearing Tripundra. The hero, Manchu K Manoj is back with bang after so long.

    The official look of heroine is not yet launched.

    Aham Brahmasmi Movie Crew

    • Director: Srikanth N Reddy
    • Writer: Srikanth N Reddy
    • Producer: Nirmala Devi Manchu, Manoj Kumar Manchu
    • Music Directors: Achu Rajamani, Ramesh Thamilmani
    • Cinematography: Sunny Kurapati

    Aham Brahmasmi Movie Budget

    The budget of the movie is not yet officially announced.

    Aham Brahmasmi Movie Release Date

    The movie release date is given on 29th of August ,2020.

    Movie Teaser and Trailer

    Here the fan mad Teaser of this movie..

    The official teaser of the movie is not yet launched , the same is the case with the trailer of the movie.


    The songs are yet to be released soon.

    Movie Posters

    As of now, the story-line is justified by looking at these brilliant posters