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Anagha Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Rating Details Recent

    Horror and comedy these two terms are nowadays famous. Wanna watch a Horror and comedy movie which has a message and is very entertaining? Where can we find a movie like that? Well, the wait is over as, on 26 March, 2021 Anagha was released.

    Let’s read what the movie is about! But first meet the cast and the Crew who made these Horror and Comedy movies.

    Anagha Movie Cast

    Srinivas GoudruActor
    Mr. Kiran RajActor
    Karan AryanActor
    Rohit. R. RangaswamyActor
    Kushi ShettyActor
    Pavan PutraActor
    Deepa MohanActor
    Kiran SimhaActor

    Anagha Movie

    Raju NRDirector
    DP Manjula NayakaProducer
    Avinash BasutkarMusician
    Shankar AradyaCinematographer
    Venkatesh UDVEditor

    Movie Synopsis

    Аnаghа is а Kаnnаdа mоvie releаsed оn 26 Mаr, 2021.  The  movie  is  direсted  by  Rаju  NR  аnd  feаtured  Srinivаs  Gоudru,  Rоhit  Rаngаswаmy,  Kirаn  Rаj  аnd  Kаrаn  Аryаn  аs  leаd  сhаracters.  Others who  were  rорed  in  fоr  Аnаghа  аre  Kushi  Shetty  аnd  Deeра  Mоhаn.

    Anagha Movie Review

    Anagha is a Malayalam horror comedy movie directed by Raju NR. Anagha is becoming loved by the audience also, it is a very comfortable movie to watch with your friends and family. All the actors and actresses had done a splendid job. 

    How can we miss this? That it is based on a true incident. This will correlate you more with the movie so, get ready to get spooked by this amazing movie called Anagha. It has a comedy genre and the climax has a twist, so be careful you might fall off the seat, as the actor comic timing is hilarious. All the actors have worked well in this movie.

    The tickets are also available on the BookMyShow app and PVR app so, if you wanna get spooked and enjoy some comedy then book now.

    Till then watch this trailer!

    Anagha Movie Review & Rating: 3/5

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