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Mirugaa Movie: Release date, Budget, Cast,Poster, Trailer, Teaser & songs

    Mirugaa is a forthcoming and interesting Tamil and Telugu bilingual movie. The direction of the movie is in the safe hands of J Parthiban.

    This Movie is produced under the Jaguar studios banner by B Vinod Jain.

    The movie Mirugaa features Raai Laxmi as the main lead actress and Srikanth as the main lead actor.

    It notes itself under the psycho thriller genre. The duration of the movie is 2 hours and 2 minutes.

    Movie revolves around a 45 year old man, Maaran being killed by a tiger while returning home from work.

    The forest officials work very hard to catch the man-eater.

    Mirugaa Movie Cast

    1. Srikanth
    2. Raai Laxmi
    3. Dev Gill
    4. Pandi

    The main lead actor of the film, Srikanth who is playing the challenging role of Maaran is attacked by a tiger who has an intense love story with the actress Raai Laxmi.

    The other characters are the forest officials who work on finding the man-eater.

    As of now, only four characters of the movie have been put in front of the audience.Let us all wait for more information regarding the film.

    Budget of Mirugaa

    The budget of this movie has not yet been announced officially.

    Movie Crew

    • Director: J Parthiban
    • Producer: B Vinod Jain
    • Writer: MV Panneerselvam
    • Production Company: Jaguar studios
    • Cinematography: MV Panneerselvam
    • Music Director: Arul Dev

    Mirugaa Movie Release Date

    The movie is all set up and scheduled to hit the theatres in the month of April 2020.

    But the exact date has not been officially announced.

    Mirugaa Movie Teaser

    Mirugaa Movie Trailer

    Mirugaa movie Songs

    The songs of this movie have not yet been released.


    The posters are breathtaking and can’t make us wait to find out the man-eater.

    The movie had to release in 2019 but due to unavoidable circumstances it is now all prepped up to release in April 2020.

    The characters of the movie Mirugaa are not yet clearly mentioned.

    Let’s wait for further updates of the film Mirugaa.