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Namrata Shirodkar pens a note to Mahesh Babu that goes viral, take a look!!

    Namrata Shirodkar, wife of South Super Star Mahesh Babu shared a pic of her with husband Mahesh Babu.

    She had written a love note too.

    "The more I think the more I'm convinced the root cause of our Being, is governed by love. Love is the only emotion that makes us live happy lives .. kindness, empathy, compassion all stem from this emotion of love Love is the truest n highest form of being evolved!! This is my perception !! so be loving and be kind and be compassionate people to each other!! we have one live to live and one life to give", 

    she wrote and credited the courtesy of picture to Sithara gattamaneni, their daughter.

    It’s a pure proof of happy togetherness of 15 years. Namrata and Mahesh United by marrying in 2005.

    Namrata Shirodkar is not only known as Mahesh Babu‘s wife, she was miss india 1993 and known bollywood actress. She always says that there would be no better half of her other than Mahesh Babu.

    Namrata Shirodkar’s younger sister and bollywood actress, Shilpa Shirodkar and Prakash Raj’s wife, Pony Prakash Raj reacted to their adorable picture.

    • Highlights:
      • Namrata Shirodkar, shared an adorable picture of her with Mahesh Babu.
      • Namrata had written a note to spread love, going viral.
      • Sitara Gattamaneni clicked the picture.
      • Celebrities reacted to the post.