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Theethum Nandrum Movie Review: A Simple & Decent Gangster Action Movie

    Theethum Nandrum Movie Review

    This is a movie which thrives more on the emotions and characters than its technicality. The movie depicts the life of friends and their respective wives and the inter relationship that exists. It’s a story for all their lives, spun together on the same thread. 

    The story has a feisty start with a robbery by three expert burglars Dass (Eesan), Siva ( Dasu Ranjith) and Maaran (Sandeep Raj). Dass is married to Sumathi (Aparna Balamurali) and Siva is in love with Tamil (Lijomol Jose).

    One day Sumathi discovers the true identity of Dass and asks him to leave this path which he does not oblige to , much to her disappointment. On one of the robberies, Dass gets caught and put in jail. When He returns, he promises himself never to go back to the dishonest path. However , his friends convince him to go for one last robbery. What happens next is the rest of the movie. 

    “Theethum Nandrum” is the first part of the Purananuru, ‘Theethum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaara’ which translates into“You reap what you sow”. The movie is an insight on the lives of certain human beings who we probably never think about and the lives that are intertwined and thus affected by their actions. 

    The movie follows a simple storyline, almost predictable but still is a breath of fresh air in its little details. The director and editor, Rasu Ranjith who is also a lead actor in the movies did quite a good job as a new director. The tunes of C. Sathya etches across the heart and helps in painting out the scenes of the movie in greater detail. The songs are beautiful and so are the sequences.

    The movie has an awesome performance fromits actors. The Way the movie is written and the storyline gives quite a flourishing angle to its leads Dass and Siva. On that note, Sumathi and Maaran has their own ways of contributingtothetale. Sumathi has a story of her own and it gets quite neatly reflected in the wonderful act put up by Aparna.

    Maaranismore of a controversial character but has its own importance in building up the gang rivalries and such. Tamil , on the other hand seems to be quite an unnecessary character, who just adds flair to the character of Siva. But, all in all, everyonedoesit in their best and the result is absolutely sweet. 

    The film, although put together very nicely, takes a longer route to its destination, thus making it a bit of an unattractive piece for the impatient public. The gang rivalries could have been introduced sooner, the romance sequences could have been cut short and so on. But other than all of this, the movie Brings home a sweet and nice story which can be enjoyed by all.

    Rating: 3/5

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