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southfans homepage cover image now invites guest authors to publish their content on Southfans to attract more traffic to their site and gain an author profile with us.

Article Guidelines:

Go through our Guest Post submission guidelines mentioned below for more detail. 

Topics: Articles must showcase one of the following topics mentioned below:

  • Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam Movies
  • Biography of south actor & actress
  • Trending entertainment news for the south Indian movie industry
  • Actor & Actress Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Movie News related 

Grammar and Spelling: Submitted articles must be free of any grammatical errors and we may choose to deny your application. 
We will later let you know about these errors. 

Unique: No articles that have been published earlier will be considered. Content written expressly for will be accepted for publication. 

News: Articles focused on Press releases, latest news, and trends related to south Indian cinema and its actor & actress are to be submitted only. 
Length: 600 words minimum


  1. Add at least one hyperlink per article. 
  2. Avoid linking to more than one website per article, unless it’s the primary source of information for that particular piece of writing.
  3. Our content means everything to us so if you’re referring to our website, feel free to add multiple links. 


  • Keep paragraphs to 2 sentences max. Include lists, bolding and other visual/graphics to help the reader for better & complete information.
  • Use correct heading styles throughout your article. Note headings by adding it in parentheses beside it, e.g. Xyz Movie: Poster Images Release Date Budget Teaser Trailer (h1). Use lots of headings to break out information – and keep them creative for the reader!


  • At least one image per article should be included, preferably more if you have them. Ensure the image is relevant to the topic.
  • Image specs (the same image can be used for both the hero and in-post):
    • Small file size (60 KB or under)
    • 600 x 360 px (top of page – hero image)
    • 600 x 360 px (used within post)


  • Title Tag: Maximum of 60 characters
  • Meta Description: Maximum of 155-165 characters

Author details:

You may include information about you that we can include with the article

  • Full name
  • A short bio (2 sentences max) with your photograph
  • The website you’re associated with (if any)

Submission Process:

1. Pitch your article idea with a completely well-written format.

2. The editor will review the pitch. If it’s approved with or without changes, we’ll reply to your email within 1 week from your original pitch. If you haven’t heard back from us within those 1 weeks, then considered it not approved. 99% of the time, disapproval due to not following the article guidelines as listed above.

3. If you write it and it’s approved: Share pitch article with an editor on Google docs or MS file: Editor will review and make the necessary changes.

5. If we write it and it’s approved: We’ll write the article with your idea and our target audience in mind.

6. The article will be posted on within 1 week.

Accepted formats: Google docs or Ms file

Editing: We reserve the right to edit or use the contents of your article. Once you submit a piece of writing, it becomes our property. you can not publish or sell it anywhere else on the internet.