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These 5 South Indian Actors Runs Successful Business – 2022

    The actors who had appeared in many movies became a brand now. Because of their brand, they did not just use their brand value to promote other businesses but they also used it to establish their own businesses also.

    These all actors are very successful in their filming career but their acting fees are not their only and even main income stream. These actors also establish their business outside their acting career and it gives a better return than it.

    So, here are the business of these 5 actors who are also great in their acting career as well as running their businesses at the next level.

    Ram Charan

    One of the most famous Tollywood actor in the world Ram Charan earned many crores from acting but he also earned many many crores from his other businesses. He is the owner of the airline named Truejet. The TruJet airline is a part of Turbo Aviation, which looks after maintenance and ground. He is also the owner of Hyderabad Polo and other riding clubs.


    Many of you are fans of this actor because of his acting. His acting is very natural and he is the most loved Tamil actor. But he also plays a great game in Business. This actor is the owner of several wedding halls in Chennai named after his mother, son, wife.

    Tamannah Bhatia

    She is one of the most promising South Indian actress who had appeared in many Bollywood movies also. She is the owner of an Online Jewellery Brand named White and Gold.


    Big Boss Telugu host is also playing a great game in business. This South Indian actor had owned many Side Businesses. He is the owner of Restaurants named N-Grill and N-Asian. He also owns an exotic resto-bar in Hyderabad. He also owns N Convention Cente which is often hired by corporate houses.

    Taapsee Pannu

    The famous Indian actress Taapsee Pannu who had worked and won awards in Bollywood also had run successful Business. She runs a successful Wedding Management Company named The Wedding Factory. She runs this company with her sister Shagun Pannu and her friend Farah Paravesh.