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Adraa Raja Adidaa Nature Is Watching Movie: Release Date, Budget, Cast, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs

    Adraa Raja Adidaa Nature is watching is a yet to be released exciting Indian Tamil language film.

    The direction of this film is in the Rajiya Kirushna.

    The production of this film is also taken up by the director Rajiya Kirushna and the movie is being brought in front of the audience under the banner of Dream Cinemas, Force cinemas.

    Adraa Raja Adidaa Nature is watching is coming forward with Rajiya Kirushna as a lead actor, who is the director and the producer as well while the lead actress for this movie is taken up by Hemalatha.

    Adraa Raja Adidaa Nature Is Watching Movie

    The direction of music for this film is done by VK Kannan.

    The movie identifies itself under the comedy-drama genre. The duration of this movie is 2 hours and 23 minutes.

    Release date of Adraa Raja Adidaa: Nature Is Watching

    The movie was all set and prepped up to come forward and hit the theatres on 27th in the month of November,2020.


    Information regarding the budget of Adraa Raja Adidaa: Nature is watching a movie has not been officially announced.


    • Rajiya Kirushna
    • Hemalatha

    Yes, as of now, only two characters of the movie have been put in front of the audience.

    The main lead of the film, Rajiya Kirushna , the hero is seen playing the role of a policeman.

    Base of the story is about the life of this cop that is the hero. It is a complete entertainer.

    This movie will surely make us come out of the theatres with a wide smile on the face.


    • Director: Rajiya Kirushna
    • Producer: Rajiya Kirushna
    • Music director: V.K. Kannan
    • Cinematography: Vedhaselvam
    • Production Dream Cinemas Company: Force Cinemas
    • Genre: Comedy Drama



    1. Adraa Raja Adidaa

    As of now, only one song has been released.