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Alia Bhatt was given more than 9 crores for just 20 minutes role in RRR and How much Ajay got?

    Many movies are postponed due to the increased corona cases in India. Fans are eagerly waiting for them to release on theatre and see it. One of those movies was RRR.

    The movie was very hyped up as there are many superstars who worked on this movie. Famous Tollywood actors Ram Charan and Jr.NTR were in the lead role whereas two famous Bollywood stars Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt were in a special role.

    Reports say that their roles are not much in the movie but will play a very important role in the movie. Their appearance will bring a climax to the movie.

    But these actors were worked for just 30 minutes in the movie but they charged a very huge amount that even, this amount is very high as many big actors did not charge it for a movie, even they are in lead role.

    According to the Hungama report, They both charges the same amount which they charge when they did the lead role in any movie. The reasons behind it are two. One is that their role is very important or it could be possible or the second is that the makers want them to play this role because if they play, then the North Indian audience will also see the movie in the theatre.

    Now, if we talk about their payment. Then, Alia charges 9 crores for the movie whereas Ajay Devgan charges about 35 crores for the movie.