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Bigg Boss Telugu Day 2 Highlights

    Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is back with lots of surprises. The first official episode was on September 5, 2021. In which Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host with 19 contestants. This is the highest number of people who participated in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu. 

    The contestants are,  Shwetha Varma, Maanas, RJ Kajal, Siri Hanumanth, VJ Sunny, Lahari Shari, Anee Master, Lobo, Jaswanth Padal, Vishwa, Natraj Master, Priya, Priyanka Singh, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Hamida, Sree Ram Chandra, Sarayu, Uma Devi, and Anchor Ravi. 

    The organizers have made things interesting by doing the nominations on day 1 itself. It is very unusual and no one knows anything about the other. Usually, after week 1, nominations take place but this time it’s different. From some of our resources, it is said that the following are the nominees, Sarayu Suman, Hamida, Anchor Ravi, RJ Kajal, Maanas and Jaswanth Padala.

    If we look at the popularity rate of all the contestants, Ravi and Kajal are on the top of the list. So it is unlikely to have them get eliminated at the beginning of the season itself. 

    After a few episodes, the voting line will be open for fans to vote to save their favourite contestant. For now, everyone is anticipating the weekend’s episode with Nagarjuna to see who will be the first person to get eliminated in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.