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Big Records made by Pushpa: THE RISE

    Pushpa movie poster
    Records Made by Pushpa: The Rise

    Allu Arjun’s new movie named is “Pushpa: The rise” has made a big record at the national level. This movie made that record that even big Bollywood celebrities can’t even be nearby on this list.

    The record made by this movie is that this movie became the highest-grossing Indian movie on its opening day. The movie earns more than 74 crores worldwide of which 44 crores earn from India while the rest of the money is earned from other countries.

    This movie also holds a record which is that this movie also became the highest earned movie from the foreign in its opening day.

    This movie also made its roar in the United States of America especially. This movie earned more than 900,000 dollars in the 2 days and even earned more in the next 11 days of its release.

    The movie is also made a record from its trailer. The record is that this movie gets views more than 20 million and so many likes on Youtube which is a personal record for Allu Arjun.

    The trailer of this movie became the most viewed trailer in 2021 in the first 24 hours of its release and also the most viewed trailer of any Allu Arjun movie.

    This movie also collected more than 250 crores at the box office worldwide which might be possible that this movie could be the most earned movie of 2021 but it has just a day left for the end of this year and it could be possible that Pushpa can’t hold this record!