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Bigg Boss Telugu season-5 has been kick-started – Recent Update

    Bigg Boss Telugu season-5 officially started, Nagarjuna Akkineni is back with a huge amount of entertainment and loads of fun.  All the fans are eagerly waiting to see what Bigg Boss could offer this year. Spicy controversies, Conflict between contestants are something everyone is anticipating. 

    Bigg Boss Telugu Season-5
    pic credit: The Times of India

    The show started with Nagarjuna’s dazzling performance; he started to give a house tour. This time the house is very colorful and has an extra power room along with extended space for the kitchen. The bigg boss house is very spacious and looks magnanimous this year with cool interiors and architecture.

    The main goal of the show is to bring joy to the people amidst the struggles we are facing this year, said Nagarjuna.

    The following are the participants of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.

    1.    Siri Hanumanth:   She is a notable youtube and web series actress. She also started working in TV serials.

    2.    VJ Sunny: He is a TV serial actor with a good reputation.

    3.    Lahari Shari:  She is a Telugu films artist hoping to get a big break.

    4.    Sreerama Chandra: He is one of the famous singers, he got his fame by participating in Indian Idol and now, he sang a lot of super hit songs.

    5.    Anne: She is a notable artist on the small screen, she has worked with many reputable choreographers.

    6.    Lobo: He is a VJ in MAA music and a tattoo artist too.

    7.    Priya: Priya is an artist in the Telugu film industry.

    8.    Jessie: He is one of the popular models, ramp-walker, and created a record too.

    9.    Priyanka Singh: She is transgender; she went under surgery and changed her gender.

    10.    Shanmukh Jaswanth: He is a popular youtube artist and he has shot famous web series, short films.

    11.    Hamida: She is an actress in the industry.

    12.    Nataraj: He is one of the popular dance choreographers.

    13.    Sarayu: She is a youtube content creator, who is known for talking about some of the bold issues.

    14.    Vishwa: He is an artist and bodybuilder.

    15.    Uma Devi: She is a small screen artist.

    16.    Maanas: He is a V serial actor and also acted in some of the movies.

    17.    RJ Kajal: She is a dubbing artist and a former RJ.

    18.    Swetaa Varma: She is a budding actress who acted in some small-budget movies.

    19.    Ravi: Ravi is popularly known in the Telugu industry. He is a VJ, actor, and host.