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Madha Gaja Raja Movie: Release Date, Budget, Cast, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie is a humorous and engaging upcoming Tamil language movie.

    The movie notes itself under the action-comedy genre film filled romance equally.

    The direction of this film is in the safe hands of our very own Sundar C but the film is written by Venkat Raghavan and Sundar C together.

    The main lead actresses for this film is taken up by Anjali and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar while the role of the lead actor of the film is very well carried by talented Vishal Krishna Reddy.

    The movie also features N.Santhanam (comedian) and Sonu Sood in the lead role of supporting characters. The production of this film is held up on shoulders by Vishal.

    This movie is being brought in front of the audience under the banner of Gemini Film Circuit. The music for this film Madha Gaja Raja is composed by Vijay Antony.

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie Release Date

    The movie is all set and scheduled to hit the theaters in the month of October on 22nd and in the year 2020.

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie Budget

    This movie, Madha Gaja Raja is a big-budget film that is 20-25 crores.

    Full Cast

    • Vishal as Raja
    • Anjali as Madhanadevi
    • Varalaxmu Sarathkumar as Gajarani
    • Santhanam as Nandagopal
    • Bhama as Hafra
    • Nithin Sathya
    • Sadagoppan Ramesh
    • Sonu Sood
    • Subbaraju
    • Rajendran
    • Manobala
    • Swaminathan
    • Chitti Babu
    • Manivannan
    • Yuvina Parthavi
    • Vichu Vishwananth
    • Lollu Sabha Manohar
    • Gayathri Rao
    • Usha Elizabeth
    • K.S.Jayalaxmi
    • Arya
    • Sasha

    In this movie, the hero which is Vishal Krishna Reddy will be seen playing as Raja.

    He plays three roles in the movie. It is completely a romantic drama film. The movie will make you laugh for 2 and a half hours straight.

    There two female actors roped for the film, Anjali as Madhanadevi while Varalaxmi Sarathkumar plays Gajarani.

    Crew of Madha Gaja Raja Tamil Movie

    • Writer: Venkat Raghavan, Sundar C
    • Director: Sundar C.
    • Producer: Vishal
    • Production Company: Gemini Film Circuit
    • Cinematography: Richard M.Nathan
    • Music Director: Vijay Antony
    • Genre: Romantic-Comedy
    • Editor: Praveen K.L, N.B.Srikanth

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie Teaser of

    The teaser of the movie will make us all laugh. It has comedy, drama and romance on point. It will surely make us all come out with happiness!

    For now, click below to watch the teaser:-

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie Trailer

    The trailer of the movie is also released. It is very cheerful and pleasant. Now, it’s time for us to wait for the movie to release and go to theatres.

    However, give the link a click to watch the trailer:-

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie Songs

    As of now, five songs from the movie Madha Gaja Raja have been released. Scroll down a bit to listen to them!

    1. My Dear Loveru by Vishal

    Click on the link below to listen:-

    1. Chikku Bukku by Chinna Ponnu and Prabhu Pandala
    1. Thumbakki Thumbai by Vijay Antony
    1. Nee Dhana Nee Dhana by Vijay Antony

    Click on the link:-

    1. Sattru Mun Varai by Santhosh Hariharan

    The link is below:-

    All are audio songs as the video songs have not yet been released!

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie Posters

    Madha Gaja Raja Movie