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Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Review: A Tamil Action Franchise with Great Presentation

    Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Review: An Tamil action franchise with great presentation


    Director Karthick Naren’s action thriller “Mafia: Chapter 1” was released on 21st February 2020. The film stars Arun Vijay, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Thalaivasal Vijay, Bharath Reddy, and Prasanna.

    The film is bankrolled by A.Subaskaran under Lyca Productions which has also produced movies like Kaththi, Kaapaaan, Darbar and the biggest budgeted film in India 2.0. Here’s I am going to take a detailed Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Review:

    Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Review Synopsis:

    Aaryan [Arun Vijay] a narcotics control officer along with his batchmates tries to catch DK an influential drug lord. He wants to end this drug menace since he loses his brother Dileep to drugs. Is he able to catch DK or there is a large conspiracy behind it. 


    Mafia: Chapter One is an ambitious attempt to recreate a cat and mouse game between a powerful hero and a powerful villain. The plot is not new to Tamil Cinema as it is seen in various other Tamil films as well but what makes Mafia: Chapter One different is the stylishness and the slickness of the product.

    Every frame and every shot oozes style and slick. The tense mood of the film and the slow-motion action scenes build up the atmosphere that something cool is happening in the screen which helps the viewer to understand the meaning the director wants us to feel. 

    The story – screenplay and dialogues are written by Karthick Naren are engaging and entertaining. The use of slow-motion in the film is done to enhance the action scenes which increases its impact but after a point becomes irritating to watch it as well.

    The use of English in the film makes it a bit detached to see and it feels like a Gautham Vasudev Menon film, but Karthick Naren makes all these shortcomings look small due to various twists and turns in the screenplay with the climax twist being something which the audience wouldn’t have expected it. 


    Arun Vijay does a very fine job as Aaryan the officer in Narcotics Department who wants to end the drug menace. He underplays his role and looks stylish in his cop avatar. In the action scenes, he shows considerable growth from his first film Murai Mappillai to Mafia.

    Priya Bhavani Shankar plays Sathya a colleague of Aaryan and his lover. She also acts well and also has done action in quite an amazing way. 

    Prasanna plays Diwakar aka D.K the drug lord. In his appearance and acting, he steals our hearts. His menacing demeanor and perfect acting are great. His confrontation scenes with Arun Vijay are the highlight of the film. 

    Thalaivasal Vijay as the social activist Mugilan who is Aaryan’s neighbor also lends some good support.

    Bala Hasan as Varun who is Aaryan’s teammate has done a good job

    Other casts like Aroul.P.Shankar, Bharath Reddy, Dipshi Blessy, Mathew Verghese and Inder Kumar have done their job quite well. 

    Direction, Technical and other departments:

    Karthick Naren as the director of the film has done a fine job. At the young age of 25, his directorial sensibilities are that of a seasoned creator which is commendable. His direction is amazing and audiences are looking forward to his next project.

    Music is scored by Jake Bejoy who has scored the music for Vijay Devakarakonda’s hit movie Taxiwaala. The film has only one song and it is hummable. The background score work by Jakes Bejoy is awesome as it gels with the mood of the film. 

    Cinematography by Gokul Benoy is great. The way the action sequences between Arun Vijay and Prasanna are shot is a treat to watch on the screen. 

    Sreejith Sarang’s slick and sharp editing and Don Ashoks’s stunts are icing on the cake. 

    Overall Mafia: Chapter 1 is a satisfying experience and you would love to watch it again.

    Overall Mafia Chapter 1 Movie Review Rating By Southfans :


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