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Malik Movie 2020 – Budget, Cast, Crew, Poster, Releasing Date, Trailer

    Malik Movie is an approaching and forthcoming Indian Malayalam movie, which is being released on a large platform with a huge budget of 27 crores (Indian Rupees Rates) starring Fahadh Faasil.

    Malik Movie

    The release date is given on 22nd of the April.Yes, it is clearly less than a month! Aren’t we all excited about it? It was incredibly written and directed by one of the most passionate directors,Mahesh Narayan.

    And over all, the positive vibes of this thriller movie “Malik“, there is a top-notch cast involved.

    Malik Movie Cast

    Fahadh Faasil, who doesn’t know about him for his exceptional acting? He is playing as Suleiman Malik, who is seen as a 57-year-old man from the look released. He is the main lead of the film.

    Nimisha Sajayan, who is playing the important character of Roslin in the film. She appears with grey hair and glasses. She is seen as an old lady completely opposite to her real life.

    Malik movie first look
    • Joju George’s character is expected to be a prominent and superb performance-oriented one. The further details are yet to be released.
    • Maala Parvathi -an excellent actress, is one of the leads for this film.
    • Dileesh Pothan is another lead of the movie. He is one of the main characters of the film.

    The details of the cast below can be known clearly after the movie is released.

    • Divya Prabha
    • Salim Kumar
    • Indrans
    • Jalaja
    • Sarath Kumar
    • Vinay Forrt
    • Sudhi Koppa
    • Rajesh Babu as DGP Rajkumar
    • Dinesh Nair
    • Irshad

    Malik Movie Posters

    The most awaited poster was put in front of the audience by two most brilliant actors,Mohanlal and Mammotty on their Facebook pages on 17th of January 2020.

    Malik movie poster

    The superb thrilling extraordinary trailer! One click on the link below is gonna surely blow your mind.

    The songs of the movie,”Malik” are yet to be released.

    The actor, Fahadh Faasil has undergone a super drastic transformation for the new look in the film.The dedication of the actor is on point. As of now, according to the information released regarding the film, it is a mystery thriller.

    This movie is realistic and breathtaking, which narrates the story in different parts. The production of this film is in the safe hands of Anto Joseph, who has been spectacular and remarkable with his previous records.

    Yes,this movie is making all of us tempestuously wait with uncontrollable excitement. Finally, it is just a few days away!

    Now it is postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak !!