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Pressure Cooker Movie Review: A Cool Comedy Film That Every Youth Can Feel!

    Pressure cooker Movie Review: It’s a 2020 Telugu comedy-drama film. Pressure cooker is written and directed by Sujoi Karampuri and Sushil Karampuri. 

    Pressure Cooker Movie Review

    Sai Ronal and Preethi Asrani are the main leads of the film. Rahul Ramakrishna, Tanikella Bharani, and Jhansi acted as supporting roles. The movie is released on OTT.


    The movie frames the pain of every youngster who was forced to go to foreign for namesake and parent’s expectations on children.

    Dissection of The Story:

    All scenes of the film are fun-filled and had a motive behind them. It is a comedy-drama. The parents who want to send their children out of the country for status and namesake. Comedy scenes and scene timings were outstanding. The first half of the film is overjoyed.


    Sai Ronak

    Sai Ronak acted well as Kishore. He got a great debut. He is well suited for the character of Kishore. He nailed in the character of a youngster who got a lot of pressure with his father. He became the boy at the next door after the movie.

    Preethi Asra:

    Preethi Asra acted as Anitha, Kishore’s love interest. Her acting is good and she is adorable in the movie.

    She is a known actor in television series in Telugu and Tamil.

    Rahul Ramakrishna:

    Rahul Ramakrishna has brilliant comedy timing. This movie is yet another example of his comedy timing. He rocked in his previous films. You will definitely enjoy his comedy in the movie.

    Direction, Technical And Other Departments:

    The movie is written and directed by Sujoi Karampuri and Sushil Karampuri. It is a comedy youth entertainer.

    The movie is produced by Sujoi Karampuri, Sushil Karampuri, and Appi Reddy. The screenplay was excellent. It is edited by Naresh Reddy Jonna.

    Rahul Sipligunj, a well-known singer and an actor made a cameo appearance in the movie.

    Overall Review And Rating:

    The movie flows without any unwanted or overrated stuff. It is an overall entertaining comedy film that corners the emotions of youth and their parents.

    Pressure Cooker Movie Review : 3.5/5