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Rowdy Baby Movie: Release Date, Budget, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs

    Rowdy baby Movie is a Kannada language upcoming film starring Ravi Gowda as a lead actor while this movie has two lead actresses, Heer Kaur and Divya Rao.

    The direction of this movie is in the safe hands of Reddy Krishna.

    The movie is being brought to the audience under the banner of Sumuka Entertainers.

    The direction of music is done by Karthikeya Murthy. Rowdy baby takes itself under the Romantic Comedy Drama genre.

    Rowdy Baby Movie

    Release Date

    Rowdy baby movie is all ready and prepped up to come forward in front of an audience on 10th of April, 2020.

    Budget of Rowdy Baby

    The budget of this movie, Rowdy Baby has not yet been officially announced.


    • Ravi Gowda
    • Heer Kaur
    • Prathvi
    • Aruna Balaraj
    • Kempe Gowda
    • Amith V Raj
    • Srinath Vasista

    Only these characters have been revealed till date.The role of Krishna is being played by the main lead actor, Ravi Gowda while the role of Anusha and Prathavi will be played by Heer Kaur and Divya Rao respectively.

    The story revolves around two girls, that is the two main lead actresses, who are in love with the same boy, the hero(Ravi Gowda).

    The hero is from Bangalore and one actress is from Kerala while the other is from Mangalore.

    This movie is a triangle love story which will surely entertain our viewers.

    The teaser of this movie is tempting all of us to go watch the movie as soon as possible. Let’s hope for the trailer to launch soon and then note the release date of the movie.


    • Direction: Reddy Krishna
    • Writer: Reddy Krishna
    • Production. Sumuka
    • Company: Entertainers
    • Cinematography: Samrat
    • Music director: Karthikeya Murthy
    • Genre: Romance Drama


    teaser of this movie has been removed from the youtube.

    Rowdy Baby Trailer

    The trailer of this movie has not been put in front of the audience yet.

    Rowdy Baby Movie Songs

    The songs of Rowdy Baby movie have not been released yet.