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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Charged Many Crores For The Song in Pushpa!

    Pushpa became a super hit at the box office. The movie earns more than 300 crores at the box office worldwide which makes it one of the highest earned Tollywood movie of all time as well as the highest Telugu earning movie of 2021.

    Not just the movie, also the songs of the movie vie are also became superhit. One of the most famous song was O Antava O Antava. This is one of the superhit south Indian song by 2021.

    The song was choreographed by famous choreographer Ganesh Acharya and the song was performed by Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the movie. This actress receives praises from the audience for her performance as well as many actress like Kriti Sanon also praised this actress.

    But the most interesting thing in between is that Samantha had charged a big amount for this 3 minute song. The actress had charged more than 5 crores for this song which is very heavy amount.

    The song was very superhit as it crosses more than 100 millions views on YouTube and gains millions of likes on the music video. The song was overall a great song in all perspective but the main thing is that the Samantha had charged a lot of money for her performance.