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Tamilnadu chief minister Stalin visited Director T.P.Gajendran to wished him good health

    One of the famous directors in Tamilnadu is D.P.Gajendran. He has directed many successful movies such as Budget Padmanaban, Enga Ooru Kavalkaran, Veedu manaivi makkal, and many more.

    Tamilnadu chief minister Stalin visited Director T.P.Gajendran

    He is well respected and has a great reputation in the film industry. And not only that, he has acted in many films as a comedian. It was always a great pleasure to watch his films; it was a specialty of him to bring out some awareness through humor in all his films.

    Recently Tamilnadu chief minister Stalin, along with him educational minister, Anbil Mahesh, and some other prominent figures in Tamilnadu DMK prominent visited Dr.D.P.Gajendran.

    When Director Gajendran was asked about this event, he just said Chief minister Stalin and him have studied college together. They have been great friends together and have always been in touch with each other.

    His health has been degraded recently, and when Stalin came to know about this, he came to visit him as a friend and well-wisher who wants him to be healthy again. And that he was very pleased to have Chief minister Stalin visit him.