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The remake of Train to Busan in Hollywood news meets a lot of criticism, why?

    Train to Busan is one of the blockbuster hit South Korean movies released in 2016. The story takes you on a ride with a rising Zombie apocalypse that occurs due to a chemical leak. Without this knowledge, Seo Seok-woo takes his daughter to Busan on a train.

    The remake of Train to Busan in Hollywood

    They have no other choice than to face the zombies. Along with other passengers, the desperate father tries to protect his daughter. How does he protect his daughter? Will he be able to fight zombies? Is the rest of the story.

    This movie was a major hit and it got tons of appreciation worldwide. Usually, Hollywood is known for taking such apocalypse movies but this time around, South Korean movies took the chance and succeeded tremendously.

    It has successfully captured all the elements that make an amazing apocalypse movie. 

    When the remake of this movie in Hollywood was released, it met with lots of criticism. Even though Hollywood is known for making such gore movies, Train to Busan has some special elements that make them amazing.

    Fans are not so sure that the remake will ever do any sort of Justice. The fact that the famous Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto, is going to direct this movie gives some faith but it is still very debatable.

    Hollywood’s attempt to remake an Asian movie has failed many times such as the ring, Grudge, and some others.