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This is how South Indian movies are dominating Over the Bollywood cinema

    We are talking about the south indian cinema conquering the Over The Top platforms over the remaining Hindi content in the present time. And with Hindi content in sleep mode, viewers are saying, subtitles hi Zindabad!

    Why are the Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada or Telugu films that were released years ago, ruling India in this time of pandemic?

    The makers of these films are just doing nothing but thanking god for the repetitive successes of their films. Many film stars of south indian film industry are gaining fandom because of the old releases.

    Fahadh Faasil is one of them. He just blows from his old films. “Urban Indian audiences across the country are getting a taste of South Indian cinema because OTT platforms made it readily available. The language barrier is all but gone. It also helps that Hindi films are not releasing at the same frequency”.

    The main war on Hindi cinema post-pandemic is not just from Hollywood films, dubbed or otherwise, it’s from the content that’s being produced in our backyards.

    The frightening appetite for regular and new content created by the hours in the day that the pandemic induced lockdown freed up for most viewers who were working from home, and not distracted by the happy moments in their workplace, school and colleges. This kind of pressurizes everyone to explore the others’ options too.

    This can be the reason why people have gone beyond the comfort of Hindi and English. 

    Korean dramas have a different fan base in India, as the majority of young people are influenced by the culture of the place and the acting in the dramas.

    And many other cinemas are present in the current times to keep us busy and entertained. So why Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu, attracted the viewers the most?

    Interestingly, the curiosity perhaps piqued by grand dramas like the Baahubali franchise is now traversing more nuanced terrain as smaller, breakaway films are finding fans. 

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