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Which South Indian Movie is the Highest Grossing Movie of 2021?

    Highest Grossing Movie

    Let’s find out the South Indian highest grossing movie of the year 2021.

    There are just 2 days left for the end of this year which is 2021. Many great South Indian movies are released this year and earned a great amount through the box office.

    The name of some best South Indian movies are Pushpa, Vakeel Sahab, Annaatthe, Master, Jai Bhim, and many more. But there is a question that arises that which is the highest grossed movie this year.

    Well, the cinema hall opens for just around 5 months this year due to the pandemic and continuously Covid cases. So, many great movies could be very hit if they were released on theatre but it was released on OTT platforms.

    The best example of this is Jai Bhim. This movie got a rating of 9.5 on IMDB which is a world record. This movie also becomes the most rated South Indian movie ever.

    Now, we will tell you the name of the highest-grossing South Indian movie this year and that is Master. Master was a movie of talented Kollywood actor Vijay.

    The story of the movie is that an alcoholic teacher JD is sent to teach students at the Juvenile reform school. Later he realized that some criminals use his students to cover up their crimes. Then, he sets out to stop violence and misuse of drugs.

    The movie was a blockbuster at the box office. The box office collection of Master movie was more than 290 crores which makes it a very great movie and consider it as a blockbuster and highest grossing movie.