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Bhanumathi And Ramakrishna Movie Review: A Sensible Dramatic & Romantic One

    The movie Bhanumathi and Ramkrishna is a Telugu– Language movie which was released on 3rd July 2020.

    Its running time is 93 minutes. Sriknath Nagothi is the director and writer of the movie and produced by Yashwanth Malukutla.

    Naveen Chandra as the actress and Salony Luthra is the actor.

    Bhanumathi And Ramakrishna Movie Review:

    Bhanumathi And Ramakrishna Movie review


    Bhanumathi who is the protagonist of this movie is in her thirties, who doesn’t care about anyone’s judgment about her behavior who is carefree.

    later in the movie she is dumped by her boyfriend and she goes through anxiety due to the people around her.

    Ramakrishna, who’s closer to her age and from Tenali, joins the team and accompanies her. They start exploring each other’s lives.


    As a director, Srikanth Nagothi keeps the story simple and sensible in this direct.

    The movie shows a very interesting thing and that is how two opposite poles are trying there best to live each other’s lives, i.e facing lots of difficulties.

    Bhanumathi is an urban woman who is more job oriented than anything else.

    She is dame care about what people think about her and her life. She is always striving for success rather than failure.

    Bhau’s boyfriend Ramu dumped her for a 24-year-old girl, instead of her being reacting to it or doing melodrama i.e is crying,

    or thinking about him did the total opposite that goes for shopping, eating, dying her hair, going for dates, etc instead, she goes shopping, grabs burger meals, dyes her hair, and goes on blind dates.

    And then comes Ramakrishna who is a man from a middle-class family who joins the team of Bhanumati.

    He is a guy from a small-town named Tenali and he is a sanskari boy belonging to a middle-class family and has the quality which is the total opposite of her likings.

    He’s a pure filled with town innocence within him.
    While we know that the poles opposites attract, which makes this film special is the carefree writing.

    Ramakrishna has a very innocent, humouristic character that brings a different glow in the movie and the audience too.

    The sentimental works out very well too. He breathes life into Ramakrishna, especially in the scene where he meets his sister after long.


    Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna is a beautiful romantic film that has been portrayed in the life of a totally two different people. everyone must give try to watch it.
    Finally I give 3.7 star rating to this movie.

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