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Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya Movie Review: A Netflix Hosted Telugu Comedy Movie

    Venkatesh Maha has finally directed the beautiful movie name Uma Maheshwara Urga Roopasya.

    The movie is also known by UMUR, it is an Indian Telugu – Language film which is a remake of the Malayalam film Maheshinte Prathikaaram ( 2016).

    The running time of the movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes and with a rating of 8/10 IMBD. It premiered on Netflix on 30th July 2020. Being a comedy film it helps a lot of an audience to enjoy it additionally !!!

    So, here the Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya Movie Review:

    Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya Movie Review


    • Satyadev Kancharana as UMA MAHESHWARA RAO
      ( A photographer and proprietor of Komal; A Photo Studio.)
    • Naresh as BABAJI
    • Suhas as Korra SUHAS
    • Ravindra Vijay as JOGNATH


    The movies have beautifully composed songs by Bijibal who was also the composer for the original film.

    The film was initially scheduled to release on 17th April but was postponed due to the COVID -19 Pandemic and finally got released on the digital platform on 30th July instead of traditional theater release.

    It is a pleasant drama with a backdrop, therefore, Sowmya Rajendra of THE NEWS MINUTE states that the UMA MAHESWARA URRA ROOPASYA is a ‘faithful remake’.

    As mention in quite a few reviews, it is “ the sweetest tale of revenge you’ll ever see”.

    Uma Sahitha Maheshwara is portrayed as a soft heartened person.

    In brief, the story is about a sweet heartened, simple, good man who is a young photographer who minds his own business and also has the dream to marry the girl he loves but she leaves him and marries someone else for his good .

    one-day he gets insulted in a public place by few villagers for a very silly reason but, he got humiliated so badly that he vows himself to take revenge of it.

    The movie shows a very beautiful and well maintained, respectable, friendly relationship between the father and the protagonist of the movie i.e Mahesh.

    The most pleasing character of Mahesh is that he knows when to fight and when to give excellent respect!!!

    The opening scene is set somewhere in Araku, and Mahesh is taking a dip in a stream in his village and cleaning his slippers until it turns clean and spotless.

    It is clear in the movie that Mahesh is a simple guy with no doesn’t encompass any drama in his life rather he likes to run away from any conflicts offered.

    The movie has been filled with a lot of colorful characters which helps the audience to enjoy !!! Babji is a bonesetter, and Mheshe’s well-wisher and Suhas is Babaji’s assistance and befriend of Mahesh.

    Later in the movie a couple of villagers conflicts over who will be the caretaker of a farm so this becomes the turning point in the movie .

    Venkatesh ( Mahesh makes each of the scenes so endearing and real that it transport us to a different world altogether and the movie plays an important role in every humouristic scene.

    Mahesh takes an oath of not wearing hid footwear until and unless he takes his revenge. The rest of the story is how he takes revenge and also succeeds in his new love life but never forgets to respect anyone.

    This movie has its own charm. The Actor adds more glitter towards the movie through his acting.


    While this movie shows the total opposite of the other movie actors with six-packs and masculinity. the only minus point about the movie is that it has been remade from the Malayalam film.

    this is the Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya Movie Review of mine.

    Overall the movie is worth watching !!

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