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Kamali From Nadukaveri Movie 2020 Release Date, Budget, Cast, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs

    Kamali From Nadukaveri Movie 2020 Release Date, Budget, Cast, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs:

    This movie is an Indian Tamil movie. The movie notes itself under the Drama genre film. The direction of this film is in the safe hands of Rajasekar Duraisamy.

    The main lead actress of this film is taken up by Kayal Anandhi and the role of lead actor of the film is very well carried by Rohit Seraph.

    The movie features Pratap Bothan, Imman Annachi, Azhagam Perumal, Shreeja Priyadarshini, Rekha Suresh, Karthi Srinivasan as supporting stars.

    The production of this film is held up on shoulders by A Jail Sampath. The music for this film is composed by Dheena Dhayalan.

    Release Date of Kamali From Nadukaveri Movie:

    The movie is all set and scheduled to hit the theatres on 17th of April, 2020.

    Budget of Kamali From Nadukaveri :

    The budget of the movie has not been officially announced.

    Cast of Kamali From Nadukaveri movie:

    • Kayal Anandhi
    • Rohit Seraph
    • Pratap Bothan
    • Imman Annachi
    • Azhagam Perumal
    • Shreeja Priyadarshini
    • Rekha Suresh
    • Karthi Srinivasan

    The base of the movie Kamali From Nadukaveri, it is about a village girl who struggles to learn English and eventually gets educated. It is a very gripping story that sets an example for women to get successful in life through all the difficulties.

    One watch of the teaser cannot make us wait to watch the trailer and then the movie. It is an awe-inspiring story which motivates women all around the country.

    Crew of Kamali From Nadukaveri Tamil movie:

    Director: Rajasekar Duraisamy
    Writer: Rajasekar Duraisamy
    Producer: A Jail Sampath
    Music Director: Dheena Dhayalan
    Genre: Drama

    Kamali From Nadukaveri movie Posters:


    Teaser :


    The trailer of this movie has not been brought to the audience yet.

    Movie Songs:

    Monnoru Naalil lyrical video:

    As of now, only one song has been released.

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