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Maga Muni Movie Review: A Movie that Deserves more than Awards and Acting that Deserves Oscar!!

    Maga Muni Movie Review

    Maga Muni Movie Review: I personally feel this movie is really a gem. Maga Muni stars Arya, Indhuja, Mahima Nambiar.

    The story, screenplay and direction are done by Santha Kumar. This is the second film by him. After Naan Kadavul, this is the film to see the magic in Arya’s eyes.

    The movie is produced by KE Gnanavel Raja under Studio Green company. Music was delivered by S Thaman. This is another movie from Kollywood which can turn heads of other industries too.


    Maga devan and Muni raj were twin brothers who got separated in childhood. The situations of their lives where money, religion rules the world bring them to a point.

    They have different stories but meet at a point where Maga becomes Muni after Muni’s demise.

    Dissection of Movie:

    The movie has lots of jaw-dropping scenes from beginning to end.

     Maga’s character has shades of a bit negative who works under a corrupted political admirer. At the same time, you will feel mercy towards him for his wife and son. 

    Maga’s life in the movie frames a man who goes through a lot of hidden pains. Mani is simple and believes in yoga, Hinduism who is discriminated by an upper-class person for talking with his daughter. 



    Everyone saw the fire in Arya’s eyes in Naan Kadavul. This is another such masterpiece performance. He was involved in the character Maga and Muni, to the next level extent.

    The scenes especially in the hospital, while doing yoga, after getting hurt by a bullet would remain in your brain.


    Indhuja acted as vijji, Maga’s wife. Her character has shades of a village girl, innocent and hyperactive. She did an outstanding job. 

    Mahima Nambiar:

    Mahima Nambiar has acted as a journalism final year student. She played as a strong lady. The scene where she beats her father’s servant is truly an event. She also did fantastic acting.

    Direction, Technical and other Departments:

    First of all the director and story writer, Santha Kumar knotted two different stories without any confusions. This is the major plus point of the film.

    The movie has a lot of elements where you truly appreciate the technical team like lighting, cinematography and editing.

    The cinematography was done by Arun bathmanaban, edited by VJ Sabu Joseph. The sets in village and city backdrops were so natural and true. S Thaman delivered the music.

    Overall Review and Rating:

    Almost every scene of the movie will connect emotionally. It touches the heart when you don’t see it, rather than feel the movie. 

    As the movie is emotional true content we can see mother-son sentiments, wife-husband sentiment, upper class-lower class relation.

    The important thing is how money and religion became the superior differentiator and dominator of human’s life. 

    I would give 4.5 out of 5 stars. "Maga Muni Movie Review by southfans"