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Nungambakkam Movie: Release Date, Budget, Poster, Trailer, Teaser &Song

    Nungambakkam is a yet to be released Indian Tamil language movie featuring Ajmal Ameer, A.Venkatesh, Aayra and Mano as the lead roles of the film.

    The direction of this film is in the safe hands of S.D.Ramesh Selvan.

    The production of this movie is in the hands of K.C.Ravidhevann.

    This movie, Nungambakkam is being brought in front of the audience under the banner of Icon studios, Jaya Subha Shree Production and Thithir film house.

    The music director for this film is Sam D Raj. This movie notes itself under the genre of crime thriller.

    Nungambakkam Movie

    Release Date of Nungambakkam Movie

    The movie is all set and scheduled to hit the theatres on 26th in the month of July. Which is now just a few months away.


    The budget of the movie Nungambakkam is not yet officially announced.


    • Ajmal Ameer
    • A. Venkatesh
    • Aayra
    • Mano

    Only four characters of the movie have been revealed as of now. Let’s hope to get more information about the film.

    Nungambakkam is actually a place. This movie is shot regarding the real incident that took place a few years back.

    The movie is about a 24-year-old girl, Swathi, a software engineer, who was stabbed to death at the Chennai railway station.

    It is completely a crime thriller film. It deals with a murder case.

    This movie takes all of us through an emotional phase. It speaks about the injustice that has happened to the 24-year-old girl, Swathi.

    It also shows how the case has been solved to fight in the view of justice.

    Crew of Nungambakkam Movie

    • Director: SD. Ramesh Selvan
    • Writer: R.P Ravi
    • Producer: S.K. Subbaiah
    • Production Icon studios Company: Jaya Shuba shree
    • Productions Thither film house
    • Cinematography: Jones Anand
    • Music Director: Sam D Raj
    • Genre: Crime thriller

    Trailer of Nungambakkam Movie


    The songs of this movie have not yet been put in front of the audience.

    Nungambakkam Movie