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Oh My Kadavule Movie Review 2020: A Divine Fantasy Touch

    Oh My Kadavule Movie Review: A Divine Fantasy Touch


    Oh, My Kadavule is a fantasy romantic comedy film directed by Ashwath Marimuthu in his directorial debut feature. Produced by G.Dilli Babu and Ashok Selvan under the banners of Axess Film Factory and Happy High Pictures.

    Oh My Kadavule Movie features Ashok Selvan, Ritika Singh, Vani Bhojan, Shah Ra in lead roles while Makkal Selvan, Vijay Sethupathi does a special appearance. The film had released on 14th February 2020 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

    Oh My Kadavule Movie Synopsis:

    Arjun [Ashok Selvan] and Anu [Ritika Singh] a couple are filing for divorce in the court although both of them don’t have any objection.

    Arjun feels that he should have married his childhood crush Meera [Vani Bhojan] The twist in the tale comes when God [Vijay Sethupathi] gives Arjuna a chance to fix his love life. Does he marry Meera or he marries Anu forms the rest of the story?

    Oh My Kadavule Movie Review Dissection:

    Oh My Kadavule Movie story screenplay and dialogues are written by Ashwath Marimuthu who is also the director of the film, The story and screenplay is quite new and fresh.

    It is a remarkable experiment in Tamil Cinema especially in the romantic comedy genre which was earlier replete with Rajesh directories like Siva Manasula Shakthi, OKOK and Boss Engira Baskaran The element of fantasy brings the desired freshness in the screenplay which shifts between timelines.

    It maintains the constant breezy tone throughout the movie which is also needed for a light romantic comedy. Some scenes like M.S.Bhaskar’s Conversation with Ashok Selvan’s character Arjun bring out tears in our eyes, It is filled with heartwarming and joyous moments thoroughly.

    The scenes between God and Arjun too tickle our funny bone and leave us with a smile. Although the film is predictable in the end there is a smile on your face when you watch the climax of the film


    Oh My Kadavule Movie Review Performances:

    Ashok Selvan as Arjun acts well does what is best according to the role and exhibits his emotions quite amazingly. 

    Ritika Singh as Anu let’s go of her tomboyish image which she had established with Irudhi Suttru, her role as Anu has brought out the actress in her, If she chooses more roles like this she has a great future in Tamil Cinema. 

    Vani Bhojan as Meera looks beautiful. Her style and grace combined with her looks will make anyone go crazy for her. She has acted satisfactorily and she needs to improve a bit.

    Shah Ra as Mani doesn’t irritate you in this film but rather comes as an enjoyable character and a great friend to Arjun. Kudos to Ashwath Marimuthu who recognized Shah Ra’s talent in pulling off a kind of serious but at the same funny role in the film. Shah Ra should play more such roles in the future.

    M.S.Bhaskar as Paulraj who is Anu’s father is outstanding in his role. He is one of the most underrated character actors in Tamil cinema and is finally getting his due after the success of 8 Thottakal. 

    Vijay Sethupathi as God shows charm and ease in his performance. In his short guest appearance, he manages to win our hearts every time.

    Ramesh Thilak who plays God’s assistant too manages to entertain us with his one-liners. 

    Other cast members like Santhosh Pratap, Gajaraj, Seema and director Gautham Vasudev Menon in a short appearance are great in their roles. 

    Direction, Technical aspects, and Other Departments:

    Debutante Ashwath Marimuthu’s direction is amazing the way he handles the script and narration style of the film is a treat to watch on screen. His brand of humor and romance can make him the director who can reinvent the rom-com genre in Tamil Cinema. 

    Music by Leon James is good and sets well with the film’s mood Haiyo Haiyo and Friendship Anthem impresses and also fits well in the narration. Ko Sesha’s lyrics are catchy and hummable. 

    Cinematography by Vidhu Ayyanar is good. The bright and colorful tone is maintained throughout the film which is refreshing for the eyes.

    Boopathi Selvaraj’s editing too deserves a special mention which makes the film a neat and clean watch. 

    Overall Oh My Kadavule is the perfect rom-com after so many years for Tamil Cinema. It comes across as a breezy fun-filled romantic entertainer that will never disappoint you for sure. 

    Overall Oh My Kadavule Movie Review Rating By Southfans :


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