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Powerstar Movie Review (2020): The Real Game Politics !

    This movie Powerstar is a clear cut political thriller based movie and the reality behind the real political world. It is a Telugu language movie that has been released on July 25th, 2020 on RGF world.

    It has been directed by Ram Gopal Verma.

    Music by D.S.R and Cinomatographed by Joshi .

    While the movie Powerstar has rating is 2.0 / 5.

    So here the Powerstar Movie review by me:

    Powerstar Movie review

    Powerstar Cast:

    Pawan kalyan as POWER-STAR

    Powerstar Movie Story:

    it is a forty-minute short based movie depicting the life of Pawan Kumar how he losses his election and the aftermath of it.

    The movie beings by show casting Pawan Kumar who is weeping about his huge loss at the elections which was not expected at all.

    it has a scene of aggressiveness. The way he cops up with the loss is by blaming and bashing at his close associates and not leading him to the correct path.

    One thing about RGV is that he has great techniques for showing his marketing skills in the movie .

    All the promotional material was mainly made to target the instigating group of fans.

    he gave his film free publicity which leads to success. This movie turned out to be satirical and which is said to be a satire on Pawan Kalyan’s political journey.

    Later in the movie, Ram Gopal Varma himself enters the movie and makes Kalyan realize where he went wrong and what kind of a fan he is of himself.

    The movie also shows that how the people around him used his popularity for their own reasons and instead guide him in the wrong path i.e misusing him .

    while in this film exaggeration is not there like the previous political films where leaders and politicians are mocked.

    The movie is a total satire but it also differs according to the audience. RGV shows few funny personalities which might not be liked by a few people !!

    According to Verma’s analysis “ he was back stabbed by his bhajan batch, RGV also blames that Raju Ravi Tejas; ism’ book was the reason why the star lost this instinct and integrity no other person did damage then RRt and his book”

    The political web movie is just an addition to a trailer and no important plot was there.

    There has been a lot of tweeting about this movie, few just liked it, few enjoyed it and few hated it.

    After a lot of turmoil, Ram Gopal Verma managed to released this short movie in RGF theater from July 25th.


    Finally this the Powerstar Movie review personally that i have seen.

    Though the movie is very short but it showed the reality of politics in the real world. Overall it was an average movie !!! Not meant for all types of audiences.

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