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Prarambha Movie: Release Date, Budget, Poster,Trailer,Teaser & Song

    Prarambha Movie is a yet to be released exciting Indian Kannada language film.

    The direction of this film is in the safe hands of Manu Kalyadi.

    The production of this film is taken up by Jagadeesh Kalyadi and the movie is being brought in front of the audience under the banner of Jenusri Thanusha.

    Prarambha, Kannada film is coming forward with Manoranjan Ravichandran as a lead actor who is a debutant actor as well while the lead actress for this movie is taken up by Keerthi Kalakeri.

    The direction of music for this film is done by Prajwal Pai. Prarambha is a romantic drama genre film.

    Prarambha Movie
    Prarambha Movie

    Prarambha Movie Release date

    The movie was all set and prepped up to come forward and hit the theatres on 27th of March, 2020.

    But due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the release has been postponed to June, 2020.

    However, the official date has not yet been announced.

    Prarambha Movie Budget

    Information regarding the budget of Prarambha movie has not been officially announced.


    • Manoranjan Ravichandran
    • Keerti Kalakeri
    • Kaddipudi Chandru
    • Shaambhawi Venkatesh

    Only four characters of this movie have been released till date.

    This movie is a pure, intense and deep love story.

    The tagline of the film goes like this “Love Life Begins” which is evident from this that it is a complete love story entertainer.

    Meanwhile, the teaser of the movie cannot make us wait to watch the film immediately.


    • Director: Manu Kalyadi
    • Producer: Jagadeesh Kalyadi
    • Music director: Prajwal Pai
    • Production Company: Jenusri Thanusha
    • Genre: Romantic drama

    Teaser of Prarambha movie

    Prarambha Movie Trailer

    The trailer of the movie has not yet been put in front of the audience.

    Prarambha Movie Songs

    1. Bari Neene Neene lyrical video song
    1. Hode nee Hode lyrical video

    As of now ,only two songs have been released.