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Ranchi Movie: Release date, Budget, Cast, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs

    Ranchi Movie is an upcoming Indian Kannada language film.

    Prabhu Mundkur and Tota Roy Chowdhury have taken the chance of playing the main lead actors for the film while the main role of lead actress is taken up by Divya Uruduga.

    The direction of this film is in the safe hands of Shashikanth Gatti.

    The production of this film is combinedly taken up by Rudrananda RN and Arun Kumar N and the movie is being brought to the audience under Rudra Films and Girija Talkies banner.

    The direction of music for this film is done by Sandeep Chowta. The movie takes the genre of interesting action-thrillers.

    Ranchi Movie

    Ranchi Movie Release Date

    The movie Ranchi is all set and ready come in front of the audience and hit the theatres on 10th of April,2020

    Ranchi Movie Budget

    The budget of this movie has not yet been announced officially.

    Ranchi Movie Cast

    • Prabhu Mundkur
    • Tota Roy Chowdhury
    • Divya Uruduga

    As of now, only three characters of the film Ranchi are put in front.

    The base of the movie, It is a story about a hard working and a combating director from the city, Bangalore who helps the police officer to investigate a crime scene, which is taking off filmmakers into a dark phase .

    Ranchi Movie Crew

    • Director: Shashikanth Gatti
    • Writer: Shashikanth Gatti
    • Producer: Rudrananda RN,
      Arun Kumar N
    • Production Rudra Films and Company: Girija Talkies
    • Music Director: Sandeep Chowta
    • Genre: Action-thriller

    Ranchi Movie Teaser

    The teaser of this movie is breathtaking and is surely a complete action filled movie which will entertain the viewers.


    The trailer of the movie Ranchi has not been launched to the audience.Let’s all hope for the trailer launch as soon as possible.


    As of now, the songs of Ranchi movie have not yet been released.