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R.Madhavan Reacted to the first look of the Remake of Vikram Vedha!

    Famous Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan had posted something interesting on his Birthday. He unveiled his looks from the remake of the action-thriller movie named Vikram Vedha.

     Then, he got praises from the audience but the most interesting thing in between is that the R.Madhavan who plays the role of Vikram in the original Tamil Vikram Vedha movie had also appreciated him.

    He retweeted the post of Hrithik Roshan on his Twitter account and tweeted that “Now that’s a ‘Vedha’ I do want to see….. Wow bro…. this is EPIC.” He also puts some heart, lovely emoji.

    Those who did not know about the story of Vikram Vedha. Then, the story is that Vikram who was a brave and honest inspector with his partner Simon wants to capture the Vedha who was a wanted criminal. He captured him and even, Vedha surrender himself in front of them but he requested to share a story of himself and then, he changed Vikram’s life into an array.

    On the other hand, if we talk about that who will be the Vikram in the remake version. Then, it will be another famous actor Saif Ali Khan. He will play the role of Vikram but he did not share his looks of Vikram yet!