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Vikram Vedha: An Amazing Action Thriller Movie Deserve Oscar !!

    Vikram Vedha

    The movie Vikram Vedha is an adaptation from the story Vikram and Betal. It is an Indian Tamil – language neo-noir action thriller movie. The film was shot mainly in North Chennai.

    Directed and Written by Pushkar – Gayathri
    produced by S. Sashikanth.
    Music composed by Pushkar- Gayathri, K.Manikanadan.
    Music by Sam C.S,
    cinematography by P.S. Vinod,
    edited by A. Richard Kevin,
    Distributed by Trident Arts.

    It has been released on the 21st of July 2017.

    While the running time of the movie is 147 minutes. This movie received quite positive feedback.  The film features  R.Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi who played the character as Vikram and Vedha respectively.

    Whereas Shraddha Srinath, Kathir, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar are in other lead roles while Prem, Achyuth KumarHareesh Peradi and Vivek Prasanna are in the supporting roles.

    Plot Of Vikram Vedha Movie:

    The film begins with an encounter operation that ends up in some of Vedha’s men getting killed.

    Vikram is a pragmatic police officer who is very dedicated towards his job and was decisive to find out what is right and wrong.

    Vikram is the protagonist of the movie, while on the other hand, Vedha is the criminal who is a shade between good and evil. He is also the other protagonist of the movie.

    Vikram along with his partner Simon is on the search of Vedha who later in the movie volunteer to surrender himself and also, tells a story to Vikram throwing his life in disarray.

    The relationship between Vikram and Vedha in the movie which is compared to the cat and a dog chasing each other.

    There has been a lot of movies which haven recreated from the original tale ( Vikram and Betal ) but this movie stands out in the Tollywood world.

    Vikram Vedha Review:

    Ashish Sakariya
    Another masterpiece made by south Indian cinema.amazing acting by R.madhvan famously known as Farhan Qureshi ( abba Nahi manga) and vedha also. The twisted storyline with nail-biting suspense at the end and in middle.
    Koundinya Official
    What a marvelous Movie. Twist at every scene, especially I like the ending. Most of the movies failed to show a proper ending, but this movie doesn't disappoint you. The story is based on Vikram-Betal folklore. The narration keeps you engage from beginning to end. Kudos to writer... Vijay sethupathi acting is a step better than Madhavan. I give 10/10 ratings. I rarely give full ratings to any movie.
    Aditya Srk
    ▪The ultimate, puzzling, action crime thriller. A must watch a film.
    ▪VijaySethupathi mesmerizes with his acting skills perfectly done.
    ▪The movie holds you up until the end of the story.
    ▪So much Twist, Turn, Clue at every scene, mystery ending.
    ▪Amazing storytelling, Characters designing is perfect, Classic screenplay, Direction, BGM extremely perfect 👌🏻

    From all of the above reviews, it can be summarized that the public enjoyed the movie as we can see various forms of reviews on different platforms.

    The film has been described as an excellent movie with a really good direction, but it applies to not just the film-making, but the script, too.

    Music and the videography also had a very good rating.
    The overall critic rating of the movie is 8.6/10 IMBd i.e 96% of the people liked it.

    All the actors and the actresses did a pretty good job through their ( acting ) which adds a shine to the movie.

    Last but not least the movie had great success due to a great job done by the crew members starting from the actor to the makeup artist, and stuntman. Every song and the music effect of the movie was very pleasing and heart touching.

    Vikram Vedha Cast:

    Ranganathan MadhavanVikram
    Vijay SethupathiVedha
    Shraddha SrinathPriya
    Varalaxmi SarathkumarChandra
    Achyuth Kumar Surendhar
    Vivek PrasannaRavi
    R AmarendranSankar
    Hareesh PeradiChetta
    RajkumarHalf boil
    E. RamdossVelraj

    VIkram Vedha Crew:

    Chakravarti RamchandraExecutive producer
    S. Sakshinathproducer
    C.S SamMusic by
    P.S VinodCinematography
    Richard KevinFilm edited by
    Hari Haran
    Balakesavan Shanmugam
    Avikal Shrivastava
    K.C. Sidharthan
    Ghatam Siva
    Narayanan Sp
    Sachin Sudhakaran
    Behind Sound and Music
    Production team


    Vikram Vedha is well and smart written story-line superb characterization, and terrific performances which have been acted by the lead actors R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi who makes the movie a great success. Starting from the starting scene to the last scene both did a brilliant job.

    Vikram Vedha Movie Story:

    The story starts with Vikram leading an encounter formed to kill Vedha. While the fight was going on the squad kills some of Vedha’s gang members.

    When Santhanam one of the youngest members of the gang starts to get nervous after hearing the news about his gang members. Vikram calms him by saying that how can he sleeps peacefully, even after knowing the fact that the men he shot were criminals.

    In this case, the unit does another encounter Vedha volunteers himself and surrenders him to Vikram in the police station. At that point, Vedha decides to narrate stories to Vikram. This is the twist in the movie.

    The story relates shows how Vedha became a gangster and drug smuggler and is warning his younger brother Vignesh known as Pulli to stay away from crime, but Pulli doesn’t follow up rather is forced by a rival gangster Ravi, to carry drugs.

    When Pulli is caught by the police, he confesses and Ravi gets arrested. On Sangu’s orders who is the boss, Ravi assaults Pulli, leaving a permanent mark on his hand.

    Vedha asks Vikram whom he would kill Ravi or Sangu while Vikram replies that Ravi was an instrument Sangu was the real culprit. Vedha’s lawyer, who turns out to be Vikram’s wife Priya was a real twist, and then she bails him out.

    Vikram realizes that the Vedha was the person who shot Pulli, based on this thought that he saw a mark on his hand. This made Vikram more worried about his friend Simon and rush out to save them.

    He finds him and Chandra, Pulli’s girlfriend was also shot dead later, Vikram raids Vedha’s tenements and try to capture him then Vedha requests Vikram to listen to another story.

    The second story starts with Pulli and the who he exaggerates the storytelling, while Vikram gets to know that Vedha’s boss Cheta invests five million rupees in this venture.

    Chandra is supposedly kidnapped, and the money is missing later Chandra herself returns it and reveals that she stole the money to start a new life but came back because she loves Pulli very much later Vedha returns the money to Cheta, who orders him to kill Chandra her doings.

    Next is that Vikram does begin his investigation, discovering the fact that Ravi was the mastermind behind everything and also Pulli’s death and informs Vedha, who brings Ravi to a factory to abandon her.

    While Vikram was in search of Ravi and later Vikram arrives to find that Ravi beat up by Vedha, who then tells Vikram the third and final story.

    Later Ravi’s confession Vedha found out that his men were only being targeted. Vedha kills Ravi and escapes before Vikram can answer.

    Vikram slowly realizes that the entire unit had been paid by Ravi. As the unit prepares to kill Vikram Vedha appears and saves him which gives a nice turn in the scene.

    Vikram Vedha Movie Trailer:

    The movie Vikram and Vedha official teaser was released on 13 March 2017. the teaser has crossed 1 million views within 24 hours of its release.

    The official trailer was released by actor Sivakarthikeyan, through YouTube on 22 June 2017. You can watch the trailer by clicking in this given link

    Vikram Vedha Songs

    There is total 9 songs of Vikram Vedha Movie that has been published and you can download in mp3 or video format from Youtube. Vikram Vedha songs download here from Youtube links in all format.

    1. Karuppu Vella { SamC.S, Shivam }
    1. Yanji Song { Anirudh Ravichander Shakthi }

    Yanji Song of Vikram Vedha Movie is the most viewed and searched songs of this movies and sung by Anirudh Ravichander.

    1. Tasakku Tasakku { M.L.R.Karthikeyan, Mukesh }
    1. Yethu Dharmam
    1. Pogatha Yennavittu { Pradeep Kumar, Nega Venugopal
    1. Ghetto Chase { Monisha, Chennai orchestra}
    1. Idhu Emotions
    1. Yethu Nyayam { Sam .C, Chennai orchestra }
    1. Sangu Statham {Sethu Thankachan }
    1. Pogatha Yennavittu {Pradeep Kumar, Nega Venugopal}

    Box Office Collection of Vikram Vedha

    The movie received a lot of praise too and It has also performed well at the box office that is RS 600 million or (US$9,063,444 in 2017) worldwide.

    While the budget of the movie was Rs 100 million or about (US$1,661,631 in 2017) worldwide.

    According to the survey I have found out that the movie has earned around  17 Crs Gross at the WW Box office at the opening week of the movie. That is Vikram Vedha earned Rs 2 crore on its opening day while it is said to have grossed Rs 10 crore in third days.

    The film is said to record as one of the highest-grossing Tamil films the year 2017. The film did a great business altogether!!!

    Vikram Vedha’s earning in a different part of the world are as follows :

    • In USA it earned – $247,036 [?1.6 Crs]
    • In Malaysia  it earned– $142,851 [?92 L]
    • In Australia, It earned  – A$84,671 [?43 L]
    • In NZ it earned -$9,914 [?5 L]
    • In UK  it earned – 7,337 [?6 L]

    Awards And Achievement

    Vikram Vedha received numerous awards listed below:

    • 7 nominations at the 65th Filmfare Awards South
    • Best Film (Sashikanth)
    • Best Actor (Madhavan and Sethupathi)
    • Best Supporting Actress (Varalaxmi)

    It won in 4 categories: 

    1. Best Director (Pushkar–Gayathri)
    2. Best Actor (Sethupathi)
    3. Best Male Playback Singer (Anirudh for “Yaanji Song”)
    4. Critics Award for Best Actor South (Madhavan).
    5. At the 10th Vijay Awards
    6. fifteen nominations and won four
    7. Best Director
    8. Best Screenplay Writer
    9. Best Actor and Best Background Score

    Vikram Vedha Received 10 Nominations:

    1.  7th South Indian International Movie Awards ceremony won 2 awards,
    2. which were Best Director for Pushkar–Gayathri
    3. Best Actor for Madhavan

    Among other wins the film received:

    F.A.Q. on Vikram Vedha Movie

    Does Vikram Kill Vedha ?

    No, Vikram doesn’t kill Vedha rather Vedha saves Vikram life and they maintain good terms.

    Will there be Vikram Vedha-2 ?

    Yes, there might be a chance to release Vikram Vedha 2 but this time in the Bollywood as well as in Tollywood.

    Who is the villain in Vikram Vedha?

    Vedha can be considered as the villain in the movie but he is not the really because in the end he saves Vikram life.

    Is Vikram Vedha is remake?

    Absolutely Not, it’s the completely fresh and unique concept from Tamil cinema to the world. This is original movie inspired by Vikram & Vetal story.

    What is the story of Vikram Vedha ?

    Vikram Vedha is well and smart written story-line superb characterization, and terrific performances which have been acted by the lead actors R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi who makes the movie a great success.

    Is Vikram Vedha dubbed in Telugu ?

    No, till date it’s not dubbed in Telugu but later there is a chance as per few official news.


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