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Ratsasan | Review | Story | Budget | The Best Psycho Crime Thriller Ever Made In India (2020)

    Ratsasan movie is a Tamil psycho crime thriller inspired by a true event, starring Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul as main leads.

    Ratsasan was released on October 5 2018. Saravan played the role of psycho. Kaali Venkat, Abhirami, Baby Monica, Ram Doss have played supporting roles.


    The span of the movie is 145 minutes. The movie is an engaging concept in the psycho genre.

    Plot of the Movie:

    As every psycho film, Ratsasan had a psycho who kills people for happiness or self satisfaction. Hero needs to solve many puzzles to reach psycho and kill him.

    The movie starts with two old people finding a dead corpse of a teen girl who was killed brutally and folded in a polythene cover. The psycho kills teen girls brutally in an unusual way.

    The hero of the film is Arun Kumar who wants to become a director with a psycho script but due to his family problems, turns into Sub Inspector of police.

    He stays in his sister’s home which is near the police station along with his brother-in-law and niece. He will meet Vijaya Lakshmi, the teacher in which Arun’s niece is studying.

    Amid, a teen girl gets killed brutally and found in the outskirts of the city. Arun wants to investigate the case but his superior officers won’t allow him.

    He goes through the stories he collected for his script and finds some clues.

    He guesses the next teen and almost reaches the point which becomes too late. He completely gets involved in the case and investigates deeply and catches the culprit and kills him.

    But Arun doesn’t know that he left the psycho, everyone thinks that the city got rid of the killer. But soon he loses his niece, who is brutally murdered.

    The game again starts now and Arun comes to know about Christopher, a psycho killer and solves all the puzzles to kill him. The movie is a cop and psycho game.

    Ratsasan Movie Story:

    The story begins with a few old people discovering a teen girl killed brutally. Arun is the hero, wants to become a director but turns into sub-inspector, due to family pressures and responsibilities. He used to pen stories on psycho and wanted to investigate.

    After becoming a police officer, Arun lives with his sister, brother-in-law and niece Ammu. Arun meets Vijaya Lakshmi, Ammu’s school teacher.

    The story gets a turn when Arun’s niece Ammu gets killed brutally by the psycho. Arun then comes to know about Christopher by decoding the situations which he went through.

    Arun joins the dots and finds Christopher. And vijayalakshmi’s daughter, Kayal is kidnapped by Christopher. Knowing this, Arun rushes to save her. The story ends with the death of Christopher by Arun. Arun gets an offer from a big production house to direct a movie.

    Ratsasan Full movie:

    A teen girl gets murdered brutally and found in a folded polythene cover in the outskirts of Chennai. Investigation takes place in the angle of normal death.

    Arun Kumar does research on the psycho killing for his movie. He wants to become a director and make a psycho killing based film, producers were not fond of making a film in the psycho zone.

    Ratsasan Movie

    He has to take responsibility for his family, so he will join as a sub-inspector with help of his brother-in-law. He stays with his sister, brother-in-law and niece Ammudha/Ammu.

    Arun meets Vijaya Lakshmi, Ammu’s school teacher. Vijaya Lakshmi has adopted her dead sister’s deaf and dumb daughter Kayal.

    Another corpse of a teen girl was found in the same manner. Arun who has good knowledge in the psycho killing wants to investigate the case beyond his superior’s orders.

    Another teen girl is also murdered in the same way. Arun gets main clues in the investigation and goes beyond rules to find. When he is close in catching the culprit, he finds Ammudha’s School teacher Vinod Sagar, who teaches maths.

    Vinod Sagar narrates his story why he became a child abuser. Arun and the police department depicts Vinod as the culprit. Arun kills Vinod Sagar accidentally. He gets suspended for killing Vinod.

    The actual twist takes place when Ammudha goes missing. Arun gets into a reality that the psycho was not dead. He searches everywhere for Ammu. But everything gets wasted when Ammu is also killed.

    Arun makes a mission using his team unofficially and finds the psycho’s next target. This time he reaches the psycho.

    Arun decodes the story of Christopher the psycho with help of a retired police officer.

    Christopher lives with his mother Mary. He suffers from a disease called Werner syndrome. He looks more aged among other students in the school.

    Every student keeps Christopher away and doesn’t allow him to join their team. Sophia, a kind-hearted girl makes Christopher her friend and used to motivate him.

    One day Christopher proposes Sophia. But Sophia replies in an unusual way where she points his disease. He gets insulted in front of the whole school. Everyone calls him “Motta” a word used for an unusual man.

    Christopher then kills Sophia brutally. The police arrest Cristopher and his mother. According to news, Christopher and Mary died in an accident but they were alive.

    Arun finds the psycho killer as Christopher and goes on a hunt for him.The psycho kidnaps Kayal, Arun goes for the rescue of Kayal.

    Arun kills Christopher by mind game rather than a physical fight because Christopher is well trained in magic.

    Finally the movie gets a happy ending where Arun gets an offer from a big producer to make a film.

    Ratsasan Review:

    Ratsasan received positive reviews all over the industry. Following are reviews from famous film sources:

    Behind woods giving 3.5/5.

    Watch ‘Ratsasan’ the structured and engaging screenplay that makes it an intense psycho-thriller”.

    Times of India rated 3.5/5.

    Ratsasan is a competent thriller, for the most part. There is a tautness to the storytelling, especially until the interval block, that keeps us hooked.”

    Sridhar Pillai reviewed the movie and stated:

    Vishnu Vishal’s cop act is superlative but this thriller could’ve done with some trimming

    India Today

    Vishnu Vishal’s Ratsasan is one of the biggest releases in K-Town this week. The film is a carefully-written thriller, that has a few great moments, says our review.

    Filmi companion south

    “If you turn a blind eye to the coincidences (say, the plot point around an autorickshaw) and the obvious red herrings (a suspected killer), the bulk of Raatchasan works. Ghibran’s terrific score is the aural equivalent of bad aeroplane food — it makes your tummy queasy. After Mundasupatti and Raatchasan, I’m definitely pumped about what Ram Kumar has in store next”

    News minute

    “The film feels like a mix of all the psycho killer films you’ve seen before, but this surprisingly works for it”.

    Ratsasan Movie Cast:

    Vishnu VishalArun Kumar (Sub-inspector of police)
    Amala PaulVijayalakshmi
    SaravananChristopher/ Mary Fernandez/ Annabella George
    Kaali VenkatVenkat
    Baby MonicaKayal
    Vinodhini VaidyanathanKokila’s sister
    Suzane GeorgeACP Laxmi
    InbarajVinod Sagar

    Cameo Appearance:

    Radha RaviInspector Rajamanikkam

    Ratsasan Movie Crew:

    Ram KumarDirector
    G. Dilli Babu R. SridharProducer
    PV ShankarCinematographer
    Axess film factoryProduction company
    Trident ArtsProduction banner
    • Synopsis:

    The movie is about finding a psycho who kills teen girls brutally. Arun who aspires to become a director becomes sub-inspector of police for sake of the family.

    Arun is in the hunt of the psycho killer. Three girls get killed brutally in an unusual way and folded in a polythene cover. The psycho leaves a clue. After joining dots Arun gets to know about the Psycho.

    • Songs and background score:

    There are two video songs in Ratsasan

    1. Kadhal kadal thaan (Satya Prakash and Chitra Ambadipudi)
    1. Kannamma kanvizhi(Sean Roldan)
    • The mp3 songs are released in “Saregama Caravan”.
    • The background score and music was composed by Ghibran.


    The trailer was released on September 21, 2018

    Box Office Collections:

    According to behind woods official, week wise collections of the box office are:

    Week: 5

    • Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 3,20,41,798
    • Chennai city verdict: Blockbuster
    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 156
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekend): Rs. 33,16,432
    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 136
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekdays): Rs. 15,11,953

    Ratsasan gets an increase in show counts and gets shifted to main screens in majority theatres. A surprise blockbuster in style!

    Week: 4

    • Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 99
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 25,04,807
    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 120
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 16,54,296

    With a super hold of the shows and very good occupancy, Ratsasan gets an upgrade to become a Superhit film – Stylish performance at the box office even in its fourth weekend!

    Week: 3

    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 96
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 22,70,430
    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 164
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 42,75,580
    • Ratsasan maintains with its hit verdict by the end of its third weekend

    Week: 2

    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 171
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 79,60,977
    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 180
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 51,99,984

    Good word of mouth and positive reviews have fetched Ratsasan get a Hit verdict and has a potential to upgrade next week. Let’s wait and see.

    Week 1

    • No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 105
    • Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 33,47,338

    Ratsasan grossed 23 crores which made It hits.

    Awards and Nominations:

    1. Ananda vikatan award for best editing SanLokesh
    1. Norway Tamil film festival award for best villain Saravanan
    1. Oniros film awards for best soundtrack Ghibran(august 2019)
    1. Oniros film awards for best film(August 2019)
    2. Oniros film awards for best original score(august 2019) Axess film factory
    1. Diamond Film Awards for best original score Ghibran
    1. 66th film fare awards for best director Ram Kumar

    The movie was remade in Telugu as Rakshasudu, starring Bellamkonda Srinivas and Anupama Parameshwaran in main leads.

    Unique Points of the Movie:

    • This story comes under the rare category where people get influenced by negative role more than the hero’s character.
    • Director said that he is inspired by a true incident in a paper where he saw a lady and a psycho killer.
    • Werner syndrome is a natural disease, where young people look like an old person.
    • People suffering from Warner syndrome can live up to 20 years.
    • This is the second movie of director Ram Kumar with Vishnu Vishal.
    • Ghibran (music director), Saravanan who acted as psycho got more awards than other cast and crew.

    Hindi dubbed Ratsasan:

    Ratsasan was dubbed in hindi under T-Series. It was released directly on YouTube. The movie got great appreciation and many views on YouTube.

    North people dropped Ratsasan into south blockbuster dubbed movies. It had about 2.5 lakhs likes and many comments applauding movie makers and acting skills of the artists.

    Here is the link of movie having 1.7 crores views:

    Buzz is that the remake rights of Ratsasan is sold to a big bollywood movie banner.

    FAQ’s on Ratsasan:

    1. How do we pronunce Ratsasan?

    Ratsasan is pronounced as “Ratctchasan”, means demon

    2. Is Ratsasan hit or flop?

    Ratsasan is a box office blockbuster, it grossed about 40 crores in whole and also one of the biggest openings in Kollywood.

    3. Did the story happen in real life?

    No, but inspired by the events from life a psycho.

    4. Is there any sequel made for Ratsasan?

    There is no sequence made and no official confirmation on the news of part 2.

    5. Is Ratsasan remake in Hollywood?

    There are rumor’s that the film will soon remake in Hollywood. But there is no official announcement.

    6. Is Ratsasan a family movie?

    Ratsasan is a thriller movie and someone can watch with the family. There are some unusual scenes where children will get abused. But to awake people they should see sequences happen to children today.

    7. Is Ratsasan copied?

    No, it is inspired from a true story.

    8. What does Ratsasan mean?

    Ratsasan means “Demon

    9. What is the story of Ratsasan?

    A cop and psycho story. The psycho kills teen girls brutally and the cop will kill the psycho.

    10. Where can I watch Ratsasan?

    Ratsasan is available in sunnxt, jiocinema and mx player.

    11. Is Ratsasan really scary?

    Ratsasan is not a horror movie, but you will feel thrilled and unexpected turns.

    12. What is the next movie of Vishnu Vishal?

    Jagajala khiladi, Mohandas and F.I.R are the upcoming movies of Vishnu Vishal.

    13. Who is the killer in Ratsasan?

    Christopher is the killer aka psycho in Ratsasan.


    I can say that Ratsasan is the best psycho-thriller ever made in Indian cinema. The screenplay is good which makes you feel the scene. The way the director diverts people in different ways with small logical things is awesome. Sequences in decoding of the movie and turning points make the audience feel thrilled.

    The acting was impressive, especially the negative characters like Christopher(Saravanan), ACP Lakshmi(Suzane George) and Inbaraj(Vinod Sagar), they created more hype. Background music was a mile plus for the movie. Scenes were synced with beats.

    Even though the film doesn’t need more dialogues in expressing, it had some dialogues which were meant for Christopher and they were too good. The makeup of Saravanan was so natural. His acting and characterisation of Christopher pulled the movie to get 20% of commercially.

    Vishnu Vishal amazed with his acting especially in a place where he needs to get down from the auto and run towards the corpse. It is said that the shot was taken at 2 AM. One can give a starting of 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5.