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RED Telugu Movie 2021 Release Date, Budget, Cast, Poster, Trailer, Teaser & Songs

    The RED Telugu Movie is an Indian Tollywood film. The movie sets itself in the genre of action thriller. The RED Telugu movie’s direction is in the safe hands of Kishore Tirumala.

    The role of the lead actor in this movie is held up on shoulders by the most talented and skilled actor Ram Pothineni. The role of the lead actress is taken up by three of them,

    Nivetha Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma and Amritha Iyer. The movie has got all top-notch cast involved, which can be seen below.

    The production of this movie is taken up by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore. This movie is being put in front of the audience under the banner of Sri Sravanthi Movies.

    Release date of RED Movie:

    In January 2021, the producer announced that the film will be released in 7 dubbed languages, that includes Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Bhojpuri apart from dubbed version, also released in the Telugu original.

    The Tamil version is scheduled for a direct premiere on OTT platform, whereas the Kannada version of the movie will be released theatrically on 14 January 2021, along with the movie’s Telugu version.

    The Malayalam version was being scheduled for a release on 21th January, with the Hindi version is scheduled for a release on 28th January.

    The release of the Marathi, Bengali & Bhojpuri versions were not finalized yet, some sources said that the film might be released in February 2021 in these three languages. Let’s wait for further update…


    The RED Telugu movie is being released with a massive budget of 30 crore.

    RED Telugu Movie Cast

    • Ram Pothineni
    • Nivetha Pethuraj
    • Amritha Iyer
    • Malvika Sharma
    • Sampath Raj
    • Vennela Kishore
    • Nassar
    • Posani Murali Krishna
    • Sathya
    • Sonia Agarwal
    • Narra Srinivas
    • Hebah Patel

    The challenging character of Siddharth will be played by the hero ( Ram Pothineni). The role of Yamini is taken up by Nivetha Pethuraj while Amritha Iyer takes up the role of Anandi and Malvika Sharma takes up the role of Deepika.

    The story revolves around two main men, who look synonymous. Among them, one commits a murder, which makes police work on the investigation and leaves them between 1 and 0 regarding who the real killer is.

    RED Telugu Movie Crew:

    Director: Kishore Tirumala
    Writer: Kishore Tirumala
    Magizh Thirumeni
    Producer: Sravanthi Ravi
    Production Sri Sravanthi
    Company: Movies
    Music Director: Mani Sharma
    Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
    Genre: Action Thriller


    RED Telugu Movie


    Trailer of RED Telugu movie


    Nuvve Nuvve lyrical video

    As of now, only one song has been released.

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