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RRR got postponed due to Corona Virus

    RRR Movie poster
    RRR Poster

    The most hyped movie of 2022 named is RRR in which Big Celebrities starring like Ram Charan, Jr.NTR, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay had been postponed due to increases of Covid cases in India.

    The Filmmaker announced this information on their official Twitter in which they tweeted that “keeping the best interests of all the involved parties in mind, we are forced to postpone our film. Our sincere thanks to all the fans and audience for their unconditional love”.

    Even, Before some days ago, In an interview, the producer of this movie confirms that the movie will not be postponed as they don’t want to hurt the hopes of their fans.

    But there are suddenly lots of covid cases are increased in Maharashtra as well as many states also shut down the Cinema Halls, schools for the protection of their state.

    Many of you also think that why they don’t sell this movie to any OTT platform to stream this movie. Well, this case is totally same to the case of Bollywood movie named Sooryavanshi in which big superstars like Ajay, Akshay and Ranveer appeared in this movie.

    If they released their film on any OTT platform, then they have to compromise for the profit that they can get from the movie. Even, this movie is made on a very high budget as well as this is a very hyped movie, so they cannot take a risk like that.