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RRR team spend many crores on the Promotion of their movie

    RRR is now most of the most hype movies these days. The movie cast had done lots of things for promoting their movies and spent many crores for the promotion of their movie.

    The amount is not exactly known but it seemed that the total amount was between 18-20 crores. This is a very big amount for the promotion of any movie.

    They do TV promotional, Advertisements, Newspaper Advertisements, Digital Ads and do so many things for the promotion of the movie. But this money is now been considered as wastage.

    This is because of the postponement of the movie. The movie got postponed due to an increase in Corona Cases in India. Even, the Budget of the movie is more than 400 crores and spend about 18-20 crores on promotion which makes it one of the very much expensive movies of India.

    Well, there is no confirmation about that when this movie will launch in. Cinema hall but it seemed that it will now take a lot of time because the makers wish that if everything is back normal completely, then they will release the movie otherwise they will take longer time.