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Telugu Movies 2019 | List of Top 30 Telugu Movies of 2019

    Tollywood is a place that always welcomes new talent and has its own records. It never failed in making movies with new directors, new cast, new crew and also with experienced directors, experienced cast and crew like Bahubali which stranded with heavy confidence in front of North Indian cinema and ruled the box office.

    Telugu Movies 2019

    Here are the top 30 Telugu movies 2019 that entertained people happily:

    MovieRelease date
    Falakunama Das31/05/2019
    Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya21/06/2019
    Oh Baby05/07/2019
    Ninu veedani needanu nenu12/07/2019
    Ismart Shankar18/07/2019
    Dear comrade26/07/2019
    Guna 36902/08/2019
    Kousalya Krishnamurthy23/08/2019
    Nani’s Gang leader13/09/2019
    Gaddalakonda Ganesh20/09/2019
    Meeku Maatrame cheptha01/11/2019
    Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL15/11/2019
    George Reddy22/11/2019
    Arjun Suravaram29/11/2019
    Venky Mama13/12/2019
    Prati Roju Panadage20/12/2019
    Mathu Vadalara25/12/2019
    1. Chitralahari

    Chitralahari is a story of an unemployed BTech graduate who always believes that he is a loser and busy in displaying his project to all companies for sponsorship. His bad luck never leaves him. The rest of the story is how he achieves his dreams and build his project

    1. Majili

    Majili is a love story. The Naga Chaitanya and Samantha starer Majili is a story of poorna a boy who had heartbreak at a young age and got a wife who loves him but he doesn’t. The remaining story is how they fall in for each other

    1. Jersey

    Jersey is a movie which makes you inspire to achieve your goal. The sports-based film is the best made inspirational film in Telugu. It includes love and bonding between a father and son. Jersey is the story about a 30-year-old man want to start second innings of his sports career to remain as a winner at least in his son’s vision. The movie is a pure emotional entertainer. Few scenes will make you cry and few inspire. Jersey is one of the best movies ever made in Tollywood. 

    1. Maharshi

    Maharshi is a story of a guy dreaming to rule the world. His friend sacrifices his career to help hero live his dreams, which hero comes to know after a long time. He becomes the CEO of the number one company in the world. But did he forgot his roots? Should he care about his friend or continue his life of CEO is the rest of the story

    1. Falakunama Das

    Falakunama Das is a mass movie which is very rooted and natural. Falakunama Das is the movie which shows the life of irresponsible kids in the old city of Hyderabad. The vishwak sen starer Falakunama Das entertained people without fail.

    1. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

    Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a movie which cam with fewer expectations and less known cast and crew. The movie is very suggestible if you want to watch a detective story with thriller and comedy mostly. The consequences of a person and his assistant while searching in a case is shown in the film. Comedy and suspense makes you feel stuck to the screen

    1. Mallesham

    Mallesham is a story based on the real-life story of mallesham. His journey is shown in the film. Mallesham is The life of a person named mallesham whose family depends only on weaving and cloth making. mallesham, on seeing all the consequences faced by his family to earn hard from that without proper machinery etc will make a machine that is now called as ‘asu’.

    1. Brochevarevarura

    Brochevarevarura movie has three stories which are interlinked each other. A group of three high school students who want to save their friend from tuition teacher harassment will send her to a city with some money to fulfil her dreams. But that turns into a big blunder after she gets kidnapped by some other people. The movie is a comedy thriller which also focuses on parenting and child abusement.

    1. Oh Baby

    Oh Baby movie is inspired by a Chinese film. It is a story of giving an old woman, who went through so many hurdles and difficulties during a young age, her young life and let her life live without any tensions or sadness. 

    1. Ninu veedani needanu nenu

    It is a psychological horror film. Ninu Veedani needanu nenu is a narrative based film. It is seen through different perspectives from different persons ie a person says that he saw a ghost in him, but the ghost is he. It is a brain twister. Who is the actual ghost? What happened is the rest of the story

    1. Ismart Shankar

    Ismart Shankar is a story of regaining memory of a dead person for police information into the hero’s brain. It is a mass masala entertainer. Ram’s Ismart Shankar is directed by the mass director Puri Jagannath.

    1. Dear comrade

    Dear Comrade is a beautiful love story of a guy who is a comrade and fights for students of college and a girl who plays cricket and her goal is to become a national cricket player. They break up and the guy leaves her. After five years when they meet she is found in the hospital saying she is mentally challenged. What happened to her? Why is she in the hospital? are the questions that follow the story

    1. Guna 369

    Guna 369 is a movie which mainly screens how one should be punished for harassing and raping a girl. The story is of a guy who goes to jail for something he didn’t do. But after coming out of jail his lover attempts suicide. The remaining story is about finding the reason behind her death and taking revenge.

    1. Rakshasudu

    Rakshasudu is a psycho-thriller movie. The movie focuses on a policeman who tries to find a psycho killer who kidnaps girls and kills them after a deadline. The cop and psycho movie thrill you with unexpected twists, suspense. The movie is a remake of Tamil film Ratchasan

    1. Evaru

    Evaru is a suspense thriller which has many jaws dropping scenes. You will get fooled by watching the film. It is a brain game played with a lady who wants to play with another one. The suspense thriller is quite interesting.

    1. Kousalya Krishnamurthy

    Kousalya Krishnamurthy is a story of a village girl who dreams to play in the Indian cricket team and make her family out of all problems and see her father happy. Aishwarya Rajesh’s Kousalya Krishnamurthy has Shiva Karthikeyan in the main role and Rajendra Prasad, Jhansi in supporting roles

    1. Saaho

    Saaho is one of the big films in 2019. Prabhas starer Saaho is an out and out modern fight movie which revolves around finding the next heir of Nanda’s generation who can rule the company.  

    1. Jodi

    Aadi starer Jodi is a comedy love story. Shradha Srinath is the main lead of the film. Jodi is the pairing of two people who are destined together. The movie has Naresh, Vennela Kishore, Varshini in supporting roles

    1. Nani’s Gang leader

    Nani’s Gang leader has an interesting plot with four all age group women who try to take revenge using a copycat revenge story writer. It is a new story having a fresh going storyline. Anirudh’s background music will give you goosebumps as a plus

    1. Gaddalakonda Ganesh

    Gaddalakonda Ganesh is a remake of Karthik Subbaraj’s Tamil film Jigarthanada. It is a story of a youngster who wants to make a film of real-life rowdy and get stuck after coming to the rowdy’s place. The movie is an interesting thread from there. 

    1. Syeraa

    Syeraa is a historic picturization of first Indian freedom struggle. Anushka Shetty as Rani Lakshmi Bai narrates the story of Syeraa Narasimha Reddy who is a palegadu and first Indian freedom struggler who fought against Britishers. Chiranjeevi is the main male lead of the film where Nayantara acted as his wife. Tammannah, Viajy Sethupathi, Kicha Sudeep, Amithabh Bachahan plated some important roles

    1. Kaithi

    Kaithi is a complete content-based film. It is a movie which gives you plateful meals for the movie. The movie has a neat going of stories. Two stories one of the students stuck in the police station and police who takes the help of a prisoner to get out of the worst situation meets at a point, what happens?

    What makes police take help of the prisoner? Is the storyline and the intelligence of the story is brilliant. It is one of the best Telugu Movies 2019, recommended to watch.

    1. Whistle

    Whistle is a Thalapathy starer movie which focuses on girls who want to reach their dream by playing in National football match. The story revolves around a guy who is a football player once but fails to qualify because of his father’s death and politics involved. He then decides to make a team of girls. The remaining story is how would he form a powerful team for India and give the girls their identity

    1. Meeku Maatrame cheptha

    Meeku Maatrame cheptha is a comedy entertainer. The story revolves around two friends whose video of doing blue film gets leaked just before a day of the wedding. The story is how they find the video clipping in youtube and delete the video

    1. Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL

    Sundeep Kishan’s Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL is a story of an intelligent lawyer Tenali Ramakrishna taking a case into the pocket and wins, but soon he knows that he judges for a wrong person. The remaining movie is how he makes his wrong decision justified and make justice win

    1. George Reddy

    George Reddy is a film based on the life of George Reddy who is a student at Osmania University Hyderabad. The movie is set back in the 90s. George Reddy movie shows the struggles that a person gone through to become an ultimate leader of University and asks for a student right 

    1. Arjun Suravaram

    Nikhil’s Arjun Suravaram is a film based on how today’s Xerox is becoming a market for the store owners and making duplicate certificates. They sell them to the ineligible people and the original holder’s life is at stake. Hero’s certificate will become others without his knowledge. The remaining story is how the hero will find the culprit and punish him.

    1. Venky Mama

    Venky Mama is a multi starer film. The Naga Chaitanya and Venkatesh’s Venky Mama is a family entertainer which revolves around the bonding of uncle and his nephew. Rashi Khanna, Payal Rajput plays as female leads of Venky Mama

    1. Prati Roju Panadage

    In an industrialized and individualized society, the old people in the village who thinks of their sons and grandchildren in the city where children are busy in their life and making career.

    The story is grandchild fulfilling the last wishes of a grandfather in the village and making the family stand together. Maruthi’s Prati Roju Panadage is a family entertainer that joints emotions and responsibilities together

    1. Mathu Vadalara

    Mathu Vadalara is a comedy thriller, which gives a social message to not consume drugs. The movie is indeed a new genre in Tollywood movies. The screenplay, comedy was brilliant. The capture of moments after consuming drugs are shown very intelligently. 

    These are the Best 30 Telugu movies 2019 which will entertain you!