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Cobra Movie Review: Vikram Chiyaan’s Cobra is a Multi Twister for His Fans

    Will Cobra reaches IMAIKKA NODIGAL? Here the Cobra Movie Review…

    Experimental movie, It is not the first time in Tamil Cinema Industry. Yes, Kollywood gave a lot of science Experimental movies.

    It is said that least of maximum movies are expected experimental in a year release of movies. Cobra, featuring Vikram Chiyaan and Srinidhi Shetty is another knock into the room of experimental movies.

    The thing here to discuss is Vikram who always encourages different movies and makes sensation all over India with experimental movies like I and Iru Mugan.

    The second one is Ajay Gnanamuthu, he is a brilliant young director who assisted A. R. Murgadoss for 7 Am Arivu and Thuppakki.

    cobra movie poster

    Ajay made unusual films with extraordinary concepts till now. His work is granted by every film lover in Kollywood.

    Cobra is also a mathematical thriller. Ajay’s Imaikka Nodigal grossed great profits and many awards. Will Cobra manage to do? Let’s have a quick review of Cobra!



    Directed byR. Ajay Gnanamuthu
    Produced byS. S. Lalit Kumar
    Music byA. R. Rahman
    Cinematography byHarish Kannan
    Edited byBhuvan Srinivasan
    Distributed bySeven Screen Studios

    Cobra Movie Review:

    The major plus point of the film is the story. If you look at Ajay Gnanamuthu’s previous films you will know how he changed zones of film and delivered a very unique content like Demonti Colony, Imaikka Nodigal.

    The movie’s story connects universal movie lovers as the content is adaptable to any type of audience. Vikram will give screen presence as a maths whiz.

    He is an anti-hero of the story. The thriller movie is completely based on maths. You will feel the thrill when some scenes hit on-screen.

    Sreenidhi Shetty, the female lead doesn’t have many portions but enough good.

    The movie is basically on the point “Every problem has a mathematical solution” and dialogues are quite statistical and perfectly merged into the scenes.

    The action sequences are all between Vikram and Irfan Pathan which are breathtaking.

    The way Vikram does Mathematics in a usual way blows your mind like that! Still, some more scenes should be added in the movie to concerns on the family audience and the movie is quite artificial.

    Though Vikram nailed the movie with very ease. The supporting characters like Miya, K.S. Ravikumar, Kanika, Padma Priya, Babu Antony were designed well but with not much significance.

    Last but not least A. R. Rahaman’s music is outstanding like every time. The audience will enjoy every song in the movie.

    Plus Points:

    The story is the main plus point. The direction by Ajay is at the best. Vikram is well known for the thriller and experimental movies like I and Ivan Mugan.

    He had a big list of thriller movies in his career. But this one is a bit jaw-dropping. His acting is best at peaks.

    The supporting roles make the audience to stick to the film. K.S. Ravikumar made a special portion in the film. The film also got an antagonist who is equally powerful to the hero.

    With the inclusion of mathematical elements, the movie is just awesome! The screenplay, Cinematography are very nice.

    Rahman’s songs and background music attracted the audience.

    Minus Points:

    Cobra lags in some places. It has some flaws in different scenes. The female lead role may be increased. She came like eye candy. Some family scenes may be added to make it more natural.

    The whole screen appearance is quite rich and happens to take place, not in India. This may become the reason for the audience to lose interest

    Well, at the end of the day Cobra attracted an audience and has got positive reviews from everywhere. I give a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. Share your reviews too