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Bhoomi Movie Review: A Solid Social Messenger Against The Corporate Industry!!

    Bhoomi Movie Review: It is an Indian Tamil released film in Disney Plus Hotstar. It doesn’t have many clashes with other films released nor had much attention.

    Jayam Ravi played the main lead role where Nidhi Aggarwal is the female lead. The movie gives a message of the importance of farming. 

    It’s a hot topic on social media that a film which opposes corporate companies and industries got released on a corporate company stage.

    And the story is also not too great to appreciate. It is a routine one but with a lot of fantasy like Aishwarya Rajesh‘s Ka Pae Ranasingam.

    It slightly resembles Kaththi, a 2013 Murgadoss film which also came with the same concept but rooted to some extent. 

    Bhoomi Movie Review

    Bhoomi is a story of a NASA scientist who wants to solve farmers’ problems in his state. Didn’t understand? Okay, we can have a quick review here


    Jayam RaviSaranya ponvannan
    Nidhi AggarwalSatish
    Ronit RoyRadha Ravi
    Thambi RamaiahJohn Vijay


    Directed byLakshman
    Produced bySujatha Vijayakumar
    Music byD. Imman
    Cinematography byDudley
    Edited byJohn Abraham and Ruben
    Distributed byDisney Plus Hotstar


    A NASA scientist who develops plans to go to Mars will take a break of three months to visit his village in Tamilnadu. He tastes the bitter situation of village farmers and tries to solve them against Corporates

    Bhoomi Movie Review:

    The movie seems to be a great story. But the possibility and probability of happening are almost zero. Here the Bhoomi Movie Review…

    Starting the story, Bhoomi (Jayam Ravi) is a NASA scientist who creates a pill that makes the human body respiratory system work by reversing the system i.e. by taking carbon dioxide, which is the biggest fantasy. 

    But no matter who knows, science can do anything. Then he takes a three-month leave to visit his village and finds farmers suffering from corporate industry’s destruction.

    Bhoomi takes initiative to teach people how important farming is. Soon he meets the antagonist through a phone call and like every film there is a heated argument between both. 

    The battle begins from there and surprisingly Bhoomi has all solutions against the antagonist and he wins in almost all stages of cat and mouse chase.

    The film ends after Bhoomi succeeds against corporate industries and makes everyone realize the importance of farming.

    But they are more lengthy. It’s an imitation of Kaththi, Murgadoss film. But that film is a bit practical. 

    Plus Points:

    The screenplay, lighting makes a rich frame for the movie and you can enjoy the screen throughout the movie. 

    The acting of every character is so perfect and the music was also good. The stunts are better but can’t expect much mass. 

    Minus Points:

    As usual, the movie has many patience-testing scenes and illogical scenes placed forcibly. Well, the first one is fantasy is not limited. 

    The director took almost a hundred ways of liberty to show his thought. How come a scientist performs stunts? So, the movie is not rooted.

    The second one is Kollywood got another “loosu penne” Nidhi Aggarwal, I mean her character is merely for 15 minutes and she keeps on freaking even for small things like an injection. 

    It’s too much that a modern girl would freak out like she just saw the demon.

    Fight scenes were designed like from out of the box, anyone can’t expect a scientist who spends years on finding a medicine has time to get fit and become like a hulk who clears his way by hitting so many people. 

    Finally, Bhoomi is an average and one-time watchable movie which delivers a good message for farmers. I give a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars for the movie.