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Alludu Adhurs Movie Review: A weak routine cat and mouse family movie

    Alludu Adhurs Movie review: it is a Telugu film released on the occasion of Sankranti 2021. It is released on 14 January 2021.

    It has a clash with Red and the domination for Krack and Master is also going without varying. Will Alludu Adhurs impresses audience?

    So far Krack and Master were treated as hits of industry where Red didn’t manage to impress on its first day maybe it would show from the next day.

    But Alludu Adurs is one of the foolish attempts of the producers releasing during big cinemas doing well.

    Alludu Adurs is a routine south story like two guys fighting for a girl, hero entry smashing so many people and some family scenes. Ok let it be let’s have an analysis on the movie


    Bellamkonda sreenivas
    Nabha Natesh
    Prakash Raj
    Sonu Sood
    Anu Emanuel
    Vennela Kishore
    Alludu Adhurs Movie


    Directed bySanthosh Srinivas
    Produced byGorrela Subramanyam
    Music byDevi Sri Prasad
    Cinematography byChota K. Naidu
    Edited byTammiraju


    A story about a guy (sai) fails in expressing his love for the girl in high school because she chooses some other.

    He then vows not to interfere into love stories or neither have love stories but fall for a girl and here another time he faces competition from the antagonist (Sonu Sood). The rest is the competition between the two to get the girl.

    Alludu Adhurs Movie Review:

    As said, Alludu Adhurs is a routine story. Some critics even said that it tests patience and yes it does so. There are many Telugu films like this and it’s not a new zone. The story is so weak.

    The director should give a list for the audience that one should know what he wanted to say, how scenes are connected, where the audience should laugh, etc. There is a bucket list of these type of movies. The story has many flaws and lags.

    So, leave the story let’s go to performances. Nabha Natesh and Anu Emanuel are eye candies like all Telugu traditional movies. Comedy is pretty good from vennela Kishore, Bramhajia and getup Seenu are good. Bellamkonda sreenivas also did it good comparing to past films.

    All the stunts are good and dance is also good. The movie is simply a pale imitation of Kanchana and Kandereega (or other Telugu movies were antagonist and protagonist fight for a girl and impresses her). The climax is quite expected.

    Plus Points:

    I don’t think the movie has major plus points. But yes, the way movie is made, I mean the richness and beautiful backgrounds are one reason (but people won’t come to see those), it’s just to make the screen appearance rich.

    Next one is the performances of artists. Every person nailed their characters in the movie. But sreenivas could have improved his acting, though it’s good now. Stunts and dances are good. Music goes good at some places

    Minus Points:

    The major backdrop is the story and no matter what it is without story no one is going to watch.

    Apart from the story, it’s DSP’s songs that hurt more than disappointment. The songs look like imitations of his previous songs and some were mixed like random old songs that only have beaten at few places. Fans didn’t expect this from DSP.

    However, the other thing that disappoints you is the climax, you will never know how it ended and what the director wanted to say.

    Ok, that’s the review of Alludu Adhurs. I can give the verdict as one of the most expected and routine movie with some commercial scenes and unnecessary love scenes added.

    Well, I give a rating of 2.5 to 2.7 out of 5. Leave your reviews here!