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Day Knight Movie Review: Inspiration To New Filmmakers 2020

    Day Knight Movie Review: Inspiration To New Filmmakers

    N.K.Kandi a.k.Kettavan Nandu has directed his second feature film after Kettavan. 

    Titled Day Knight the film stars relatively unknown actors Aadarsh, Annam Shajan, Finny Mathew, Vipin Thomas in the cast. 

    This film is a supernatural heist thriller made on a very shoestring budget of 10 Lakhs. 

    Let us see the detailed Day Knight Movie review by South fans.


    Day Knight Movie Review Synopsis:

    Annam and Joseph are a couple who stay in a live-in relationship, get entangled in a mystery revolving around the aides of a gangster who has a bag full of money. 

    When the gangster’s rival partners hunt and kill every victim who knows about the bag including Annam, Joseph slips into depression and PTSD. 

    After a year of Annam’s death, Joseph’ starts getting calls from Annam’s number. 

    Who is calling him for her number? Is Annam alive? Who has the money? Who killed Annam? Where are the gangsters is the basic plot of the film?

    Day Knight Movie Review Dissection

    The story, screenplay, and dialogues all are written by the director NK Kandi who does a fairly good job given the constraints on the budget by the producers. 

    The story is new and novel and has ingredients of a mystery thriller but when the film changes its gears the transition is so jarring and incomplete but the film impresses when the supernatural element is in action.

    The film has a raw feel to it which impresses most of the audiences, but in some places, it irritates us too.

    The Australian setting has helped the film to a large extent and plays a major role in giving the film a nuanced feel. 

    Maybe if the budget would have been a bit more then the budget constraint would not have been a hindrance but it is good to see such a complex project in a short budget.

    Day Knight Movie Performances:

    Annam Shajan plays as Annam does a fairly good job in her debut. She is the one who stands out among the cast and can easily be called the best performance in this film. 

    Her character has multiple shades and gets prominence as well. 

    Aadarsh as Joseph needs some polishing to act. Although he tries to act well in some scenes, he disappoints the audience.

    Shajan Jojo as the gangster is irritating.

    N.K.Kandi as the psychopath tries hard to infuse life into the film but falls short of it. 

    Rest all other actors are not known and their performances also not notable. 

    Direction, Technical Aspects, and Other Departments:

    Direction by N.K.Kandi is good given the restrained budget of the film. It could have been a better product.

    The cinematography by Aravind Vishwanathan is good for highlighting the good Australian locales.

    AVS Prem as the editor to does his job perfectly

    Background Score by Arie Sen is mostly pop culture-based wand is satisfactory

    Overall Day Knight can be watched for Director N .K. Kandi’s brave attempt to give us a competent thriller in a restrained budget and it will surely serve as an inspiration to small-time directors who make films.

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