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Ashwathama Movie Review: High Emotional & Action Thriller 2020

    Ashwathama Movie Review: Emotional Action Thriller

    Ashwathama directed by debutant Ramana Teja stars Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Kaur Pirzada, Sargun Luthra, Jisshu Sengupta, Harish Uthaman, etc. 

    The action thriller released on 31st January 2020 to a lukewarm reception. The film is produced by Usha Mulpuri under the Ira Creations banner and is written by Naga Shourya, Ramana Teja and Phaneendra Bikkina. 

    Here’s the detailed Ashwathama Movie Review:

    Ashwathama Movie Review

    Ashwathama Movie Review Synopsis:

    Gana [Naga Shaurya] man who comes from the States to attend his sister’s wedding gets embroiled in a deep dark web of a psychopathic doctor [Jisshu Sengupta] who traumatizes young women and one of them who turns out to be his very own sister. 

    How he manages to hunt the doctor and how does he avenge the wrongdoing which was done to his sister is the plot of the film. 

    Ashwathama Movie Review Dissection:

    This film’s story is written by Naga Shaurya which is very simple. 

    The story is new and fresh in its way, The film scores in the screenplay and dialogues department, the screenplay written by Ramana Teja who is also the debutant director of the film along with Phaneendra Bikkina. 

    The dialogues are written by Sricharan Pakala are massy with punchlines. The way the film has kept the character and treatment of the doctor’s character is highly commendable. 

    The action choreography is gory and violent albeit with the U/A Rating. The screenwriters and the director have kept in care the sentiments of the people by dealing with such a dark theme is highly applaudable. 

    Plus the fast and racy treatment too helps to build the narrative for an engaging and entertaining watch. But the film moves into flashbacks quite often which irritates the audience to the core.

    Ashwathama Movie Performances:

    Naga Shourya as Gana is fair in his performance. The film showcases him in a never seen before action avatar which has become a necessity for Telugu Cinema audience to see a young star trying an action film. 

    Although Naga Shourya can act well he should have improved.

    Mehreen Pirzada does a so-so job as Neha who plays Gana’s fiancée.

    Sargun Kaur Luthra who is currently featuring in Star Plus’s show Yeh Hai Chaahatein plays Priya who is the sister of Gana. 

    In her film debut, she shows promise but when the action takes center stage the character gets sidelined which is a problem. 

    Jisshu Sengupta who plays Dr. Manoj Kumar the psychopathic doctor and the main antagonist of the film surprises with his evil act. 

    The actor whom we have seen in mostly good guy roles plays the baddie convincingly. 

    His character is spine chilling and ruthless which is necessary for the role, Kudos to Jisshu Sengupta for playing the character of Dr. Manoj brilliantly. 

    Harish Uthaman as Kishore is good in his role. 

    M.S.Bhaskar is amazing in one of his rarest non-Tamil appearances as an actor in this film.

    Other supporting actors like Prince Cecil who plays Priya’s fiancée, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Jayaprakash, Posani Krishna Murali do a great job.

    Ankit Koyya who plays the younger version of Dr. Manoj Kumar also impresses us with his acting. 

    Direction Technical and Other departments:

    Direction by debutant Ramana Teja is good, his handling in the emotional scenes is quite good and excellent. 

    He also manages to create moments of fear and his handling of action is also great. 

    Music by Sricharan Pakala is okayish at its best. Except for the Ashwathama title track, none of the songs manage to gain attention from the audiences.

    Background score by Ghibran is outstanding especially in the scenes where Jisshu Sengupta is at the screen. 

    The eerie background score combined with his stellar acting on screen makes the character more impactful. 

    Cinematography by Manoj Reddy is good with correct framing.

    Editing by Garry BH is alright. 

    Action sequences by Anbariv are one of the freshest and refreshing actions ever seen in a Telugu film.

    Overall Ashwathama is a good watch which you should not skip at all.

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