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Disco Raja Movie Review 2020: Science Fiction and Action Always

    Disco Raja Movie Review: Science Fiction and Action always don’t make a good combo

    Vi Anand’s Disco Raja which was produced by Ram Talluri under his SRT Entertainments Banner and which starred Ravi Teja in the lead role Besides Ravi Teja the film starred Bobby Simha, Shishir Sharma, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Vennela Kishore, Sunil, etc.

    Disco Raja movie review

    The film which was released on 24th January 2020 has received its fair share of criticism as well as praise. Here’s a detailed disco raja movie review by southfans.

    Disco Raja Movie Review Synopsis:

    A man who is left frozen for his death in Ladakh is bought into the Re-Live lab where he is resurrected through a process.

    After his resurrection, he tries to find who he is and who were the people who tried to kill him?

    Disco Raja Movie Review Dissection:

    The story and the screenplay written by the director Vi Anand. The story again is unique and out of the box in terms of concept and idea but where the film falters is the screenplay.

    The screenplay is very predictable and routine, the twists and turns in the screenplay are not new and we have seen all these in earlier Telugu films as well.

    Vi Anand is although a talented screenwriter treads a familiar path with this. Perhaps he wanted to cater to the fan base of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and made comprises in the script which leads to the diluted nature of the finished product.

    The dialogues by Abburi Ravi are massy. He has tried his best to infuse life in the film with some dialogues which are spoken by Ravi Teja, but at other places, his dialogues are corny and cringy.

    Disco Raja Movie Review Performances:

    Ravi Teja as Disco Raj and Vasu is refreshing and outstanding in his role. His performance especially as Disco Raj is the heart and the soul of the film.

    The moments in which Ravi Teja is seen in the Disco Raj’s role are some of the finest entertaining performances done by a leading hero.

    Nabha Natesh as Nabha is functional and adds nothing to the drama.

    Payal Rajput as Helen is another important role in the film her character is good and she performs well in the film.

    Tanya Hope as Parineeti is wasted.

     Vennela Kishore as Vennela impresses the most after Ravi Teja with his acting.

    Bobby Simha as Burma Sethu is good in his role, given his standards, he should have performed better.

    Sunil as Utham is a surprise package.

    Shishir Sharma as Dr. Shishir is ok not good as well as not bad.

    Other casts include Bharath Reddy, Nagesh, Ajay which have done their job well.

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    Direction, Technical and Other Departments:

    The direction is done by Vi Anand which is good considering the lopsided script. He tries to hide his faults in the script through his direction but to no avail

    Music by S.S.Thaman is good. Freak Out and Dilli Wala stand out amongst the other songs of the lot. The background score of the film is also amazing with the Freak Out tune amping up the expectations.

    Cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is beautiful, the Ladakh location and the maroon-ish tone of the film is maintained throughout which is refreshing,

    Editing by Shravan Katikineni could have been better. The film if shorter could have been more impactful.

    Overall Disco Raja is a one-time watch entertainer only for Ravi Teja’s performance, Thaman’s music and Karthik Ghattamaneni’s cinematography all other departments more or less disappointed.


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