Hero Movie Review: Rishab Shetty Brings the new concept in Kannada Movies

Dark comedy is liked by everyone. Dark comedy movies are not seen as much as this genre gives you a smile on your face but it maintains that thriller too. Sometimes you might laugh so much till your belly hurts because it’s hilarious. But in other movements it gets all intense. To live upto this expectation Hero movie has been released which ace in both the genre, let it be thriller or comedy, it has it all.

Hero Movie Review
Hero Movie Review

Let’s see its movie cast and crew who did a wonderful job.

Hero Movie Cast

Rishab ShettyHero
Ganavi LaxmanHeroine
Pramod ShettyVillain
Ugrram Manju _? (as Manjunath Gowda)

Hero Movie Crew

M Bharath RajDirector
Rishab ShettyProducer
B Ajaneesh LoknathMusic Director
Yogaraj BhatLyricst
Vijay PrakashSinger
Arvind KashyapCinematography
Prathik ShettyEditing

Movie Synopsis 

A barber decides to kill his ex-girlfriend, who is married to a mafia head. While he comes prepared for this to their residence, he gets stuck in a web of misadventures.

Hero Movie Review

The first look of the trailer, this movie has lots of expectations from the audience and also it has created a huge hype. In the interior of Karnataka, this movie has taken place, against the unlikely backdrop in the mafia’s house. It is a ‘Bloody’ entertaining movie and lives up to the expectation.

It has a dark comedy now, which is something that catches the interest fast. The cast has done wonderfully in acting purpose, it is overall a joyful ride and emotion rush up. There are some here and there mistakes, where the second half can be more intense but that can be overlooked as the climax is awesome. All the laughter makes up for the plot holes.

The cinematography by Aravind Kashyap is very much commendable. Hero is fun to watch, but it was a bit stretchy, but overall it is an amazing experience to watch thi movie. Also, the bloodshed is excessive, be warned about that as it justifies the A certificate.

Hero Movie Review & Rating: 3.5 / 5

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