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Red Movie Review: Ram’s RED Released Can it break Ismart Shankar Record?

    Red Movie Review: Red is an Indian Telugu movie released in almost all Indian languages on 14 January 2021. Ram is playing the lead role in the film.

    After ismart Shankar, Ram’s Red is also having the same hype in two Telugu states i.e. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.  Will the consecutive releases of Krack and Master affect Ram’s Red?

    Well! Krack is a hit in Telugu states while Master is a dubbed movie came with huge expectations but got mixed reviews in Telugu, but collections were huge than expected.

    Red Movie Review

    Will Red also win in the Sankranthi Marathon along with Alludu Adura and will Krack and Master hype effect Ram’s Red? Let’s have a quick review and decide it yourself

    Plot of the Movie:

    Lives of Two look-alike men living in the same city will take a turn when one of them killed a person. Red is a crime thriller revolves around finding a culprit among two look-alike men. 

    The movie started in October 2020 then, but due to covid and lockdown film got postponed. Red gonna clash with Alludu Adura releasing on the same day.

    And Krack and Master are having the same talks from the release and till now. The audience is giving an overwhelming response for Krack and Master.

    Will Red survive in this situation? No doubt! It will survive because the audience will always give good response to Movie with content and we expect that for Red too


    Ram PothineniSatya Akkala
    Malavika SharmaPosani Krishna Murali
    Amritha AiyerNassar
    Nivetha PethurajPavitra Lakshmi
    Sampath RajSonia Agarwal
    Vennela KishoreHebah Patel


    Directed byKishore Tirumala
    Produced bySrabanti Ravikishore
    Music byMani Sharma
    Cinematography bySameer Reddy
    Edited byJunaid Siddiqui

    Red Movie Review:

    The movie revolves around two look-alike men. The movie is a Tamil remake which is rated 2.5 out of 5, but got full marks for the acting of Arun Vijay.

    Ram is the main male lead in Telugu remake of Thadam. The main plus point of the movie is background music by Manisharma. The acting of Ram is very impressive. Two female leads have their importance.

    The story is good and the audience will enjoy the movie thoroughly. But there is some lag and flaws in the film that make the non-Telugu audience test their patience.

    Probably the acting and some twists are the main reasons that make the audience stick in their seats. 

    Plus Points:

    Ram’s acting was so good that you can watch it just for Ram. The acting of every artist is outstanding.

    The female leads are very attractive. The supporting characters are also well designed and have their respective portions. It attracts the mass audience with elevations. 

    The background music gives goosebumps to the audience. Interval scenes are crucial and jaw-dropping.

    Coming to the technical team, the story is good, direction is also engaging and cinematography is good to a level.

    Minus Points:

    The movie is a remake of a Tamil film which has fewer ratings and the story doesn’t have the potential to carry the emotions of two people.

    The movie can be compressed by editing. Female leads don’t have much importance and there are some confusions when the two alike men get interrogated. There are chances of testing audience patience. 

    Though it's a remake film. The movie has the potential to entertain the audience and make them feel thrilled. Ram's acting is the main reason to watch. 
    And yes, the female leads too. The music by Manisharma entertains you more. I give a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. You can share your reviews here!!