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Master Movie Review: Master Pongal for THALAPATHY fans! 2021

    Fans share their MASTER Movie Review & experience on Twitter, goes viral…

    Master ​is the first Tamil theatre release in Kollywood after covid and on Pongal. Thalapathy’s Master is a hot buzz in the film industry and finally got released amid heavy expectations.

    It has done a massive business before release in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and decent in Kannada and Hindi. ​

    Master ​is released on January 13 2021, the opening of Kollywood Box Office. Let’s see did it manage to get the audience?

    Master Movie review

    The movie got profit collections and already became a record-breaker. It got more than 70k interests in the book my show.


    The movie revolves around ​JD​ (Vijay) a drunkard professor sent to juvenile criminals and Bhavani ​(Vijay Sethupathi) who uses the students there for illegal works.

    The clash is gonna bean epic one in Tamil Movie History.


    VijayShantanu Bhagyaraj
    Vijay SethupathiRamya
    Malavika MohanaPooviyar
    Andrea JeremiahGowri Kishan
    Arjun DasSriman
    Directed byLokesh Kanagaraj
    Produced byXavier Britto
    Music byAnirudh Ravichander
    Cinematography bySathyan Sooryan
    Edited byPhilomin Raj
    Distributed bySeven Screen Studios

    Master Movie Review:

    The starting of the movie shows how evil is made, yes about Bhavani. The consequences of Bhavani’s transformation is pure lit.

    Then obviously the introduction of the hero of the film. Vijay as usually had same mass hit on-screen like presence, swag, style.

    The epic clash between these two characters is what makes to stick the seats in theatres. Vijay also did his best as JD and some unusual scenes alike other Vijay films are also added.

    Then Vijay Sethupathi, there is no need to say about his acting. Sethu’s silent moves will increase density in Bhavani’s character.

    The other characters like Malavika, Andrea, Ramya, Shantanu, Pooviyar had their roles but not significant. Arjun Das acted brilliantly in the film. College scenes are major plus points of the film.

    Plus Points

    Vijay has a huge fan base in South India, his movies will get profit talks in just one week as usual. Vijay is a superstar having a huge market.

    The movie elevates Vijay as his fans could connect more. Next big one is Vijay Sethupathi. Sethu lived in the character of Bhavani.

    Female leads Malavika and Andrea had their portions but not too long. The supporting cast is also good.

    Anirudh’s background music and songs are other main plus points. Lokesh nailed it. He balanced the movie with Vijay’s image and story.

    Cinematography is also nice. The clash between Thalapathy and Sethupathy is a magical and adrenaline rush moment for dans

    Minus Points:

    Though it’s a super star’s film, there are few flaws in the story. The showtime can be compressed ie from 3 hours to a running time of a general movie.

    There are chances to increase female lead space. It’s a usual Vijay film.

    There are high expectations on Lokesh Kanagaraj’s films as Maanagarm and Kaithi are completely content-based.

    Lokesh tried to balance content with a superstar that resulted in some flaws.

    First of all, it is a ​Vijay’s ​and ​Vijay Sethupathi’s​ film, so most fans could enjoy it till the end. Overall, the audience may feel lag in some places.

    But the clash between the two is the thing that makes the audience stick to seats and the epic interval scene where the two gets a clash is another mark in Tamil cinema.

    But, yes it is a pure adrenaline rush for all Tamil and the Duo Vijay fans.

    I give a rating of 3.75/5. The IMDB rating is 9.7/10. Master is expected to break the records even in 50 percent occupancy. Let’s see!!