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Teddy Movie Review: Arya & Sayyeshaa Makes Teddy Bear Hit or Not | Recent

    Teddy Movie Review
    Pic Credit: studio green

    A movie by Shakti Soundar Rajan, Teddy is a movie which revolves around the story of a girl who gets into a drug induced dream and a youngster who sets out to save her. 

    The movie plot is quite similar to the one of Vismayathumbathu which starred Mohanlal and Nayanthara. In the latter film too, the woman’s spirit is separated from her body and the man tries to bring them together. 

    Teddy begins with Srividya( Sayyesha Saigal) facing an accident in which she gets injured. She is taken to the hospital where she is put into a drug induced coma by the medical mafia. During this scrimmage, the spirit leaves her only to find a refugee stuffed teddy bear. Thus begins the journey of Teddy and how it helps Shiva( Arya) in finding the body and reuniting the spirit. 

    Rajan has always made movies which are not the convenient types, always challenging the thoughts of laymen and critics simultaneously. However, what he fails to achieve is the gripping climax and the practical approach to such a situation. 

    The movie shows how Teddy enjoys playing PUBG and Shiva and bonding and their friendly moments, when there is a bigger matter to solve at hand. Also the angle at organ trafficking is completely avoided when that could have made a much more thrilling plot. 

    The movie goes quite well in the first half but loses its pace the second thus automatically brings down the expectations and interest level of audiences. The plot is no doubt a well built one but could have made a better execution. The thrill, complicated and cleverly woven storyline is missing and that, honestly is a little disappointing. It’s a love story at its core and not the out of this world story you would expect from the poster. 

    The soundtrack by D. Imman is good and would tickle any music lover’s brain. The songs are quite good and would make anyone want to listen to it more than once. 

    All of this being said, the most commendable thing about the film are the visual effects. The team has done a really good job on the making of Teddy and the talking, walking and actions of the stuffed toy look almost lifelike. Hats off to the Visual Effects Team for doing such a great job. It is the second Tamil film after Kochadaiyaan to use motion capture technology and the first to use an Indian animation company to create a separate animated character. 

    The film was released on OTT platforms like Disney plus Hotstaron 12 th March, 2021 and faced mixed reviews from several platforms.

    Rating: 3/5