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Nenjam Marappathillai Movie Review: Engaging Thriller & Dark Comedy

    Nenjam Marappathillai Movie Review
    Nenjam Marappathillai Movie

    Finally a Selvaraghavan film after ages! Cinephiles will be going crazy all over for this is yet another one of his films, which might seem like a very simple plot on the surface but has got its own nuances and style. 

    The story begins with Mariam (Regina Cassandra), a Christianorphan, a God’s child who gets the job of governessing at the house of Ramsay ( SJ Suryah) and Shruthi (Nandita Shwetha).

    What follows is the story of workplace abuse and thus a simple revenge plot. Like most other horror stories, Mariamis the victim who gets killed but returns from the grave to avenge her own death. 

    Like I said, the movie follows the most simple of horror plots but has the signature of Selvaraghavan writ all over. It’s a movie about good versus evil at its very core. However,what’s different is the way the good has been portrayed in Mariam, in her being a virgin, the innocence, being an orphan from the house of God. Even at her dying scene, the sexual abuse is not shown upon but the Holy Cross is seen. It serves as a vague metaphor of Mariam’s death due to the sins of a common man. 

    Ramsay is a man of discipline as it shows in the first half of the movie but later on goes on to explain that it’s nothing but a lying facade. The man has climbed the economic ladder slowly, established his life and married his boss’s daughter only to gaina high financial status but has a very toxic masculinity underneath. He develops a lust for the naive Mariam And Takes Advantage only because of the fact that he cannot sleep with his wife. Anyways, that’s the backstory which brings to the horror part .

    The movie has a wonderful soundtrack by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The songs are beautiful and the music sequences are onpoint. It gives us chills almost to experience the soundtrack by Rajaand adds most of the salt in the cinematic dish that is prepared by Selvaraghavan. 

    However, the movie fails to go deeper into the characters and does not establish a connection with the audience. It is disjointed in parts and hence the story is not very clear. Although the screenplay is highly commendable , it is the characters which remain very aloof to the audience. Hence, nobody roots for any characters and even the climax does not give the promised satisfaction. It remains a beautifully told story, nonetheless but does not succeed in etching a mark on the hearts of audiences.

    Rating: 2.5/5

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