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Telugu Movies 2020 | List of Top 30 Telugu Films of 2020

    Tollywood is an Indian film industry where many numbers of new talents are introduced to the world. Many new movies will be produced every year from the industry. Versatile movies are also produced yearly. 

    Many numbers of new artists are introduced every year and many intelligent actors are also introduced. The audience for Telugu movies and Tollywood industry is quite a massive overworld.

    Telugu Movies 2020

    For all the people who are so fond of Telugu movies, here is the list of top 30 list of Telugu Movies 2020:

    MovieRelease Date
    Sarileru Nikevaru11/01/2020
    Ala Vaikuntapuramlo12/01/2020
    Entha Manchivadavura15/01/2020
    Disco Raja24/01/2020
    World Famous Lover14/02/2020
    Pressure Cooker21/02/2020
    HIT: The first case28/02/2020
    Palasa 197806/03/2020
    O pitta Katha06/03/2020
    Krishna and His Leela25/06/2020
    Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya30/07/2020
    Amaram Akhilam Premam18/09/2020
    Orey Bujjiga02/10/2020
    Colour Photo23/10/2020
    Miss India04/11/2020
    Aakaasham Ni Haddura12/11/2020
    Middle Class Melodies20/11/2020
    IIT Krishnamurthy10/12/2020
    Solo Brathuke so Better25/12/2020
    1. Darbar

    A story of a cop who loves his daughter as his life which shows the greatness of police officers who protect us. Veteran director A.R. Murgadoss directed Darbar. Rajinikanth is the main lead of the film where Nivetha Thomas played the role of his daughter. 

    1. Sarileru Nikevaru

    Sarileru Nikevaru is a movie which pays tribute to Indian soldiers. The movie is a commercial entertainer which has all elements like comedy, love, emotional backdrop etc. The movie is directed by Anil Ravipudi. Mahesh Babu starrer Sarileru Nikevaru is an industry hit in 2020.

    1. Ala Vaikuntapuramlo

    Ala Vaikuntapuramlo is a novel type film. The story is not so original but the movie managed to become a blockbuster because of the fight sequences, dialogues and songs. The plot revolves around Bantu who is replaced in his childhood from the owner of a company to a worker.

    1. Entha Manchivadavura

    Kalyan Ram’s entha Manchivadavura movie is plotting the idea of a boy who lost his parents and dreamt of having a joint family. Mehreen Peerzada is the female lead of the film

    1. Ashwathama

    No one can spare lives if they won’t go against people when a girl is harassed. This is the main idea of Ashwathama. Pawan Kalyan gave voice over to the Naga Shourya’s Ashwathama. The movie provokes people who keep quiet when something happens to a girl 

    1. Disco Raja

    Disco Raja is an experimental film which has all commercial elements. What happens if the brain of someone gets transplanted to others? Ravi Teja’s Disco Raja has Payal Rajput as the female lead. 

    1. Jaanu

    Jaanu is a remake of Tamil film 96. It is a story of the re-union of tenth students. What happens when Ram and Jaanu meet, whose love story was left unfinished at tenth. Music of the film will make you feel like a new story.

    1. Savaari

    Savaari is a love story of a roadside guy who always has a horse with him and a rich girl. Savaari is a good entertainer. Nandu the main lead nailed his performance as a roadside guy. 

    1. World Famous Lover

    World Famous Lover is a Vijay Devarakonda starter, which is an assumption of a writer. The movie has few stories which are assumed by the hero who wants to go away from his love then finds his love and life is within him. 

    1. Pressure Cooker

    Pressure Cooker is a perfect example of how parents think of their children. Is going to America or a foreign country a victory? Today’s generation of parents thought the same. The only goal of them is to send their children abroad. What will the hero do to convince his parents that the future is not foreign? 

    1. Bheeshma

    Nitin is the main male lead of Bheeshma. Bheeshma is the CEO of a top-rated Indian company who works on organic farming only. To continue as the next CEO of Bheeshma, the hero accidentally clicks in the mind of the CEO who tries to impress his love. Rashmika Mandanna plays the female lead where Naresh, Bramhaji, Sampath etc plays supporting characters

    1. HIT: The first case

    HIT is an investigation department in Hyderabad. The hero has a trauma since he lost his sister and blames himself for that. There is a serial killer in the city who kidnaps girls and kills them after 15 days from then. Hero’s love will disappear when he is not in the duty, a type of suspension. Who was that? Why is the unknown kidnapping girls? This is the first case for HIT. 

    1. Palasa 1978

    Palasa is a story which raises voice for suppressed people. Two high caste brothers who dominate the village and do politics who suppress Ranga Rao and Mohan Rao, the two brothers who belong to the backward community who are dragged into politics.  

    1. O pitta Katha

    O pitta Katha is a love story of a girl who is confused emotionally to select one among two men who love her. While the girl is in danger herself. Who will the girl love at last? Will she be able to get out from her trauma? This is mainline of film

    1. Madha

    Madha is a psychological thriller with turning suspense. Madha is a story of a person who is an advertising agency editor who is targeted by someone who has many hidden stories and motives but appears to be in love but has hidden motives.

    1. Penguin

    Penguin is a thriller film which revolves around a mother and her love towards her son. The heroine turns into a detective when her son goes missing and starts searching for him everywhere. Will she find him? Who kidnapped her son? The remaining story is about finding the puzzle.

    1. Krishna and His Leela

    Krishna and his Leela is a love story. It is one of the recent attempts from Tollywood to make romantic films. The story is about Krishna, a guy who fails in his first love and then finds his love in another girl.

    1. Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya

    Satyadev’s Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya is the talk of the town when it got released. The movie is a remake of a Malayalam film. It is a story of a village man who never thinks bad of anyone and never hurts anyone. On a day he will get beaten for something that he didn’t do. Then he vows to take revenge that he only wears chappals when he gives it back to the person who beat him

    1. Johaar

    Johaar is not just a film. It is a message that everyone should watch, especially politicians. It narrates the stories of a few people who lost their goals, dearest ones, education because there is a strike in the budget release which is invested to build a statue which can be visible even from the satellite. Is the pride of the nation depending on the height of the statues we build? Or from the people, we introduce to the rest of the world? Johaar is indeed an incredible story

    1. V

    V is a revenge story. Nani’s V is directed by Indraganti Mohana Krishna. Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rao Hydari are the main leads of the film. V is a story of a military man who leaves for war when his pregnant wife is then killed by some people. The remaining story is about how the hero kills the suspects. 

    1. Amaram Akhilam Premam

    Amaram Akhilam Premam is a love story which shows the reality of true love. It is a story of a girl who commits a mistake in the past which makes his father angry and leaves her. To gain father’s love again she wants to become an IAS officer which is her father’s dream. Hero helps her in reaching her goal.

    1. Nishabdham

    Nishabdham is a suspense thriller. Madhavan, Anushka Shetty are the main leads of Nishabdam. Anjali, Shalini Pandey, and Subbaraj play supporting characters. It is a story of a person who turns into evil after being betrayed by his love. 

    1. Orey Bujjiga

    Orey Bujjiga is a comedy family entertainer. Raj Tarun is the main lead of the film where Malavika Nair and hebba Patel were female leads. Orey Bujjiga is a story of a youngster who falls in love with a girl, who again falls in love with another girl.

    1. Colour Photo

    Colour Photo is a film set in the 90s. It is a comedy love story. Colour Photo is based on love don’t have colour discrimination. Colour Photo is a beautiful capture of friendship, love and consequences faced by the two young people, dark boy and a fair girl who loves each other. Will they unite? This is the storyline of the film

    1. Miss India

    When everything is going so fast, why should a girl’s duty limit to the kitchen? Why can’t a girl build her kingdom? These are the questions that arise from a little girl who wants to build her business without any support, while continuous pressure from family to not do business. Will she win her dreams in life? Miss India is quite inspiring which ultimately focuses on women empowerment

    1. Gatham

    Gatham is a suspense film by Sumanth Staer. The story revolves around a man who has many stories and his presence is more deeply connected to his past. Gatham revolves around the questions like What are the stories? Will he be able to solve the puzzles in his life? 

    1. Aakaasham Ni Haddura

    Aakaasham Nee Haddura is a Tamil dubbed film. Suriya is the main lead of the film. Sudha Kongara is the director of Aakaasham Ni Haddura. The movie is inspired by H. Gopinath who introduced flights for village people at just one rupee. The movie is about how a youngster of a village fulfilled his dream to make airlines available for all people at the cheapest cost.

    1. Middle Class Melodies

    The movie is released on 20 November 2020 on Amazon Prime. The movie is a story of a young man Raghava who wants to build his career by doing hotel business and take a self stand so that he could marry his father-in-law’s daughter. The movie is a fresh going film.

    1. IIT Krishnamurthy

    Krishnamurthy IIT is a thriller film. Krishnamurthy who is an IIT graduate from Mumbai will come to Hyderabad after his uncle’s demise. A police officer who is engaged in the case of the hero’s uncle’s case smells something dangerous for Krishnamurthy. Now the left story is how both of them solve the mystery and solve the riddles to reach the person who wants to kill him 

    1. Solo Brathuke so Better

    Sai Dharam Tej and Nabha Natesh’s Solo Brathuke so Better is the film of a guy who doesn’t believe in love either has an interest in having love and marriage. But he falls in love with a girl. What happens when his followers who believe in having a single life from hero’s influence get to know about this? 

    So, these are the Top 30 Telugu Movies 2020 that are released and hit in 2020.